Provisional Programme

Monday, 26th August

Opening Ceremony

Room: Fundex Arena

Plenary Session - Theme E: Keynote Lecture

Room: Fundex Arena

Soil reinforcement based on bio-geo-chemical processes: from laboratory insights to field applications

L. Laloui, D. Terzis, R. Harran, J. Bosch, A. Elmaloglou, S. ten Bosch, M. Buyuklu, Z.N. Sahlab

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P1

1055 Method for determining soil mechanical parameters from in-situ test data on the base of real nonlinear soil deformation

A.A. Alekhin, A.Zh. Zhussupbekov, G.A. Zhairbaeva

284 An experimental study of failure mechanisms developed in rock masses under circular footing

A. Alencar, C. Sánchez-Barberán, R. Galindo, M. Muñiz-Menéndez, A. Viana da Fonseca

481 Evaluating the reliability of existing methods for predicting installation torque of screw piles in saturated sand: a comparative study

D.K. Andreasen, L.B. Ibsen, A.K. Koteras

409 1-D intrinsic compression curves for settlement analysis of soft clays

C. Athanasiu, A.B. Tsegaye, E.R. Sørlie, K.E.L. Johnsen

599 Modelling the interaction of an underground structure with the soil in a megalopolis

I. Boyko, V. Nosenko, O. Lytvyn

823 Machine learning to improve the ground model for road settlement prediction

M. Brček, J. Panuška, M. Kopecký

1054 Rheological study of soil-cement-GGBFS mixture

S. Choudhary, P.K. Meena, A. Kumawat, L. Borana

232 Integrating cluster-based knowledge for local undrained shear strength prediction

S. Collico, G. Spagnoli, A. Fraccica, E. Romero

733 Hydric and mechanical properties assessment of basalts from Madeira island, Portugal

N. Cueto, J.F. Vieira de Sousa, J.P.S. Perneta, R. Meza, M.L. Pereira

1022 Analysis of the feasibility of applying reinforcement for laying direct foundations

M.C.C.S. da Silva, P.C. de A. Maia

971 Rate-dependent confined crushing in granular media

S.K. Das

868 Integrating MT-InSAR and conventional monitoring with numerical analysis for tunnel excavations: a case study

G. Della Ragione, E. Bilotta, Di Mariano, A. Gens

Plenary Session - Theme A: Keynote Lecture

Room: Fundex Arena

On the interdependency between geotechnical and structural design

M. Topolnicki

Lunch; Exhibition

Poster Session P2

554 A t-z approach for the design of axially loaded piles in consolidating soil

A.E. Detlefsen, A. Franza, K.K. Sørensen

759 Impact of the testing methods on physical properties of high plastic clay

J. Frankovská, M. Brček, J. Brčeková

579 Reinforced soil technique for temporary slope stabilisation in loose saturated ground

G.R. French, S.D. Thomas

463 Evaluation of some “similar” dissipation tests

E. Imre, L. Bates, D. Marchetti

290 Cyclic properties of sand-clay mixtures at low confining stresses

V. Jagodnik, D. Marušić, J. Peranić, M. Vivoda Prodan, Ž. Arbanas, D. Katalinić

306 On the use of compliance correction for performing truly constant volume cyclic direct simple shear tests on sands

M. Konstadinou, A. Bezuijen

350 Discrete modelling of stress relaxation in crushable sands based on fracture theory

J. Lei, M. Arroyo, M.O. Ciantia, N. Zhang

388 Centrifuge modelling of sand and sawdust embankments on peat for sustainable infrastructure development

M. Long, L. von der Tann, S. Ritter, P. Paniagua, M. Dahl, M. Konstantinou, C. Cengiz

278 Axial behaviour of displacement pile groups in sand based on model tests in a calibration chamber

F. Mitlmeier, Ch. Moormann

859 Assessment of the degree of saturation in sands by bender element testing

F. Molina-Gómez, A. Viana da Fonseca, C. Ferreira, G. Cascante

82 Performance of cantilever sheet pile walls in sensitive clays: Case study Campus Ullevål

E. Monsås, S. Oberhollenzer, E.J. Lande, M. Løyland

Session A1

Theme A: Ground characterization

Room: 1.3

461 Development of CPT-Vs correlations for soft quaternary clays of Szeged city Hungary

A. Al-Azazmeh, A. Mahler

970 Correlations between SPT and DPSH results based in energy measurements

N. Cruz, J. Cruz, C. Rodrigues, L. Fagundes, C. Chaquisse

294 Undrained triaxial test stress path shape as an indicator of sample quality

V. Gjelsvik, K. Kahrs

249 Measuring the undrained shear strength of very soft, clay-rich sediments

L. Jaksic, M. Konstadinou, A. Talmon, T. van Kessel, E. Meshkati

260 Interpretation of pressuremeter tests in clays with non-linear elastic behaviour

A. Lopes dos Santos, T. Nader, J. Habert

792 Accuracy of in-situ assessment of soil density and moisture content using the non-nuclear method

J. Neves, C. Lopes, C. Silva

70 A new approach for evaluation of remoulded shear strength in clays using the cone penetration test

P. Paniagua, P.W. Mayne, B. Di Buò, S.S. Agaiby

894 A novel undrained saturation method for triaxial testing of cohesive specimens

A. Rismanchian, A. Tavallali

369 Correlating CPTu to G0 in high plasticity paleogene clays

E. Skouboe, K.H. Lundvig, N. Okkels

378 Effective strength parameters of danish clay tills - revisited

J.O. Steensen-Bach, J.S. Steenfelt, O. Hededal

565 Uncovering soft soils with 3D empirical bayesian kriging: a case study on cone penetration test data

J. Viegas, A. Gallardo, A.C. Costa, R. Marinaro

916 Challenges in characterisation of natural sands with fines

H. Zhou, S. Sharma

Session B1

Theme B: Liquefaction

Room: Tejo

96 Change of soil permeability during and after soil liquefaction

M.-C. Chu, C.-C. Tsai, Y.-C. Kao, Y.-X. Liu, C.-Y. Jou

1023 Liquefaction resistance of carbonate sands from cone penetration tests

D. Giretti, V. Fioravante

38 Particle size distribution induced fabric effects on the onset and post liquefaction behaviours of soils

J. Leak, D. Barreto

1 On the liquefaction induced pore water pressure ratio underneath existing buildings

S. Lirer, F. Valtucci, P. Bonassisa, L. Mele, A. Flora

486 Liquefaction resistance of TP-Lisbon sand: a comparison between cyclic triaxial and cyclic direct simple shear tests

F. Molina-Gómez, A. Viana da Fonseca, C. Ferreira, B. Caicedo

327 Sensitivity analysis of the effects of liquefiable soil deposits on differential settlement of buildings by numerical modelling

J. Quintero, M. Millen, A. Viana da Fonseca

603 Innovations in liquefaction mitigation: Modelling the mechanical cyclic behavior of biocemented soils

Z.N. Sahlab, D. Terzis, L. Laloui

901 Performance design of shallow foundations interacting with liquefiable soils

I. Sarao Mannelli, V. Minardi, G. Canetta, B. Becci

195 Sand stabilization with colloidal silica for protection from liquefaction caused by dynamic loads

R.F. Sharafutdinov, D.P. Kuznetsova, V.S. Morozov, Y.I. Stolyarov

880 Comparative assessment of liquefaction susceptibility of unconsolidated deposits

M. Stãnciucu, I. Dogaru

177 Liquefaction risk assessment of airport infrastructure using geological data and remote sensing techniques

M. Taftsoglou, S. Valkaniotis, G. Papathanassiou, S. Argyroudis

68 Simulation of responses of a Tender Net Foundation on silty ground subjected to consecutive earthquakes

H. Vo-Cong, K. Takeuchi, Y. Tomono, T. Matsumoto

Session C1

Theme C: Eurocode 7 - second generation

Room: Arena 1

895 Eurocode 7 – Second Generation: Retaining structures – Looking beyond the partial factors for safety in design

W. Bogusz

909 Eurocode 7 – second generation reinforced fill structures

G. Bräu, N. Denies

892 Eurocode 7 – second generation - numerical methods

S. Burlon, H. Walter, C.C. Smith

890 Eurocode 7 – Second generation. Design of ground improvement works

N. Denies, C. Bohn, P. Pandrea, M. Topolnicki, C. Plomteux, K. Trybocka

913 Eurocode 7 – Second generation: determination of representative values

J. Estaire, J. Sorgatz, T. Orr

903 Eurocode 7 – second generation - ground model

H. Garin, M. Baldwin, P. Reiffsteck, K-J. van der Made, R. Wudtke

957 Eurocode 7 – Second generation: rock engineering

L. Lamas, J. Estaire, J.P. Harrison, N. Maca, P. Pinto, H. Walter

908 Eurocode 7 – second generation – spread foundations

K. Lesny, T. Orr

921 Eurocode 7 – Second generation: anchors, rock bolts and soil nailed structures

N. Maca

902 Eurocode 7 – second generation – piled foundations

Ch. Moormann, S. Burlon

956 EUROCODE 7 – Second generation - Interplay with Eurocode 8: implications for ground investigation

G. Scarpelli, L. Callisto, S. Foti

Session C2

Theme C: Dams and levees

Room: 1.1

427 Spatial vulnerability of levees to cascading hazards

M. Bačić, N. Rossi, L. Librić, M.S. Kovačević

906 Distributed strain, settlement and temperature sensing in geotechnical earth embankments

Ł. Bednarski, T. Howiacki, R. Sieńko, K. Zuziak

372 Assessment of displacements and deformation mechanisms in a rockfill dam: case study of Cerro da Mina reservoir

L. Bottaro, G. Tavares, M. Oliveira, A. Rodrigues

779 Interactive three-dimensional management of data from technological control of stacks and dams – case study

B.M. de Lacerda, S.C. Chammas, W. Silva, V. Rezende

634 Safety assessment of a gravity dam using a hydromechanical model: fracture propagation at the dam/foundation interface

M.L.B. Farinha, N.M. Azevedo, S. Oliveira

883 A holistic risk sensitivity analytical approach for assessing flood protection infrastructure

H.K. Fung, V. Nyambayo

821 Deformations assessment of phosphogypsum waste heap in Wiślinka after 15 years of its reclamation

A.P. Korzec, W. Świdziński

32 Brief insights: In-situ permeability test in weathered and poorly-graded rockfill

C. Laina-Gómez, D. Escudero-Merino, E. Asanza-Izquierdo

36 Structural health monitoring and inspection of dams based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles photogrammetry with image 3D reconstruction

J. Marcelino, J. Manso, D. Leite, N.C. Marques, O. Freire

255 Evaluation of seismic-induced crest settlement of earth dams

A. Nardo, G. Biondi, E. Cascone

381 Strength resistance of sea dikes to increased wave overtopping due to the rise in sea levels

M. Pohl, T. Nuber, J. Moreno

309 Seepage in a flood protection dam – first centrifuge test results

G. Portmann, A. Arnold, Y. Zhang, A. Askarinejad

Session D1

Theme D: Metro tunnels and excavations

Room: Arena 2

982 Lot 2: Lisbon Metro extension between Santos station and the terminal of Cais do Sodré station; Geological and geotechnical model and parameterisation

J. Bento, S. Ferreira, D. Teles Fortes, R. Pistone, N. Cruz, J. Cruz, A. Tavares, R. Pina

202 Benefits of finite element method analysis to the design of the Saint Maur Créteil caverns metro station

M. Cahn, N. Simon, N.H. Nguyen, S. Burlon, E. Talut, J. Subervie

113 Deformation characteristics of existing three-line tunnels with connected aisle induced by three-line mechanized tunnels under-crossing

J.Q. Chang, D.M. Zhang, H.W. Huang, M. Thewes

258 Earth retaining structures in the form of diaphragm walls and their application in Liberdade underground station

C.H. da Costa, A.T. Rodrigues, M. Fernandes, J.L. Arcos

545 Lisbon new circular Metro underground line: Centenary buildings underpinning

C. Fartaria, A. Henriques, C. Martins, A. Pinto, R. Tomásio

540 Lisbon new circular metro line: interconnection section between new line and existing terminus

P. Marques, C. Martins, C. Fartaria, R. Tomásio, A. Pinto

530 Lisbon new circular Metro line: Buildings underpinning

C. Martins, C. Fartaria, R. Tomásio, A. Pinto

745 Brief report on the construction of the Liberdade/São Bento Station of circular line G (Pink Line) of the Porto Metro

V. Nascimento, S. Mateus, I. Coelho

638 Numerical modelling of shafts – comparison between SBE and EBS construction methods

L.M. Repsold, A.M.G. Pedro, J. Almeida e Sousa

775 Geotechnical challenges of excavating the deepest metro station in Lisbon - Estrela station

V. Ribeiro, J.E. Simões, J.C. Andrade, N. Vaz, P. Araújo, O. Marques

778 From design to the construction – the case of the track tunnels T33 and T34 between Rato and Santos of the future circular line of Lisbon metro

V. Ribeiro, J.C. Andrade, J. Simões, O. Marques, P. Araújo, N. Vaz

251 Evaluating the effects of a deep excavation on monumental buildings: MarmorKirken station in Copenhagen

F.M. Soccodato, G. Tropeano

Session E1

Theme E: Offshore structures

Room: 1.2

272 Long-term horizontal cyclic loading model test results of monopile for offshore wind turbines

C.T. Akdag, F. Rackwitz

166 Investigating foundation damping for OWTs using small strain hardening model calibrated with element scale tests

M. Barzan, S. Kasyap, D. Igoe

186 Simulation of pile installation in chalk: discrete and continuum approaches

M.O. Ciantia, J. Zheng, M. Previtali, J.A. Knappett

78 Impact of soil parameters on cyclic pull-out capacity of offshore screw anchors

C.F. Ho, A.P. Dyson, A. Tolooiyan

418 3D and 1D modelling of monitored monopiles located in the Belgian North Sea

A. Kheffache, B. Stuyts, C. Jurado, W. Weitjens, C. Devriendt

440 Geotechnical characterization of a test site in Zeebrugge for large scale tests of monopiles in the framework of the SAGE-SAND project

N. Letizia, GAnoyatis, L. Simonin, H. Rattez, F. Collin, S. François, H. Claes, J. Soete

269 Numerical analysis of monopiles supporting offshore wind turbines exposed to scour and cyclic loading

C. Menéndez-Vicente, S. López-Querol

83 Experimental tests to evaluate skirt penetration resistance in scour protection for offshore foundations

M. Miranda, J. Castro, E. Varela, M. Jahanshahinowkandeh, J. Sarmiento, R. Guanche

439 Assessment of soil constitutive models to predict the response of offshore wind turbines subjected to lateral cyclic loads

O. Orakci, G. Anoyatis, S. François, S. Chow, Y. Tian

134 Triaxial cyclic behaviour of calcareous sand for offshore energy applications

N. Ullah, J. Andries, G. Anoyatis, S. François, Y. Tian, S.H. Chow

1007 Seabed and sub-seabed boulders as an engineering hazard in the marine environment; methods of detection and quantification

M.J. Wetton, D.P. Vaughan, N. Dyer

Session E2

Theme E: Flood protection structures

Room: 1.4

175 Raising the standard of flood protection in Hull: the Humber Hull Frontages flood defence scheme

L. Allievi, A. Willoner

423 Evaluation of the geomechanical properties of lime-treated silt samples extracted from an experimental levee 6 years after construction

F. Bertola, F. Klotz, P. Gerard, B. François

800 Climate change impacts on geotechnical infrastructure

C.A. Bridges

1010 Sustainable erosion control in geotechnical structures – case study

A. Ferreira, J. Sousa, J. Dias, A. Neves

1034 Moisture content distribution in a dike cross-section – A case study of a geophysical investigation

Zs. Illés, G. Nagy, L. Nagy, A. Kovács

1088 Les tunnels de drainage de Lisbonne: enjeux et spécificités

C. Jassionnesse, G. Euzen, F. Rocha

726 Back-analysis of a full-scale dyke stress test with advanced models for soft soils

S. Muraro, C. Chao, L. Su, C. Jommi

568 Type-curves to assess seepage under sheet-piles for dewatering geotechnical works in limited 2D geometries

S. Navarro Carrasco, J.A. Jiménez-Valera, I. Alhama Manteca

528 Groundwater control during metro construction in urban areas – the Cityringen experience

E. Paulatto, L.M. Markussen, J. Damgaard, F. Petrella, J. Flink

978 Temporary cofferdam at Caniçada Dam, Portugal

A.Pinto, L. Caldeira, F. Cerqueira, N. Plasencia, F. Gomes

578 Advances in groundwater recharge during construction dewatering

S.D. Thomas, J. Watson, G.R. French

Session F1

Theme F

Room: Fundex Arena

667 Reinforcement of a coarse granular aggregate with microgrids: influence on packing

R. Anjos, M. Pinho-Lopes, W. Powrie

228 State of the art on the recovery of mechanical energy in the city. The role of seismic metamaterials

S. Brûlé, S. Guenneau, S. Enoch

923 Data analysis in geotechnics – an approach to the construction of an urban tunnel

A. de Vilhena Costa, I. Coelho, A. Gomes Correia

336 Geotechnical works impacting existing railway infrastructure – French practice in railway safety measures

A. Guimond-Barrett, R. English-Martin, C. Czabanski, F. Chille, T. Kaira

312 Towards an open geotechnical data platform in France

I. Halfon, M. Beaufils

338 The application of Digital Twins and the Internet of Things to assess the metro dynamic effects on historical buildings

I. Kaliukh, O. Trofymchuk, Y. Berchun, V. Berchun, Y. Melashenko, Y. Pavliuk, Y. Slyusarenko, V. Shokarev, V. Tytarenko, N. Kosheleva, Y. Ischenko, A. Shokarev, V. Shuminskiy, V. Siedin, V. Kovba

347 Digital transformation in geotechnical engineering

A. Măgureanu, L. Sata

640 The integration of the underground space in the planning policies for Lisbon in the future

C. Pinto, P. Leonardo, M. Inácio, A. Frias, I.M. Almeida

1087 Challenges in assessing the hydrogeological impact of underground structures in urban renewal projects

R. Ramos, F.T. Jeremias, L. Caldeira

120 Experiences with using parametric 3D modelling in geotechnical engineering

M. Rømoen, M. Kahlström, D. Ryghseter, N.B. Hansen

298 Insights on drop mass systems to predict pile compressive resistance from dynamic load test energy measurements

J.A. Santos, J. Viegas

682 A geotechnologist network

S.D. Thomas, K.G. Higgins

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P3

282 Morphological characterization of grain-scale sphericity using 2D x-ray microtomography images

T.K. Moura, L.C.S.M. Ozelim, G.M. Alelvan, T.D. Rosa, M.D.T. Casagrande

380 Correlating qnet to Eur of paleogene clays of high plasticity

N. Okkels, L. Bødker, T. Thorsen

363 High embankments on soft soils – geotechnical design based on field monitoring and back analysis, Romania, Sebeş-Turda motorway

A.C. Olteanu, T. Malancu, C. Tomsa

130 Influence of carbonate content on the shear strength of a beach sand from the northeastern coast of Brazil

K. Polemis Júnior, A.S. Moura, C.U.V. Verissimo, F.C. Silva Filho, D.A. Nascimento, R.A. Cordeiro Silva, D.R. de Lima

317 Evolution of shallow foundation load test from static to cyclic loading

P. Reiffsteck, F. Szymkiewicz, C. Minatchy, T. Sanagawa, D. Yokoyama

799 Seismic and load inclination factors for estimating the bearing capacity of strip footings

T. Santana, N. Guerra, A. Antão, M. Vicente da Silva

382 Influence of installation effects on the performance of laterally loaded pile groups

T. Schlager, C. Moormann, H. Schiewe

93 Piled raft design of the high-rise building in weak mudstone rocks

D.H. Seo, H.Y. Song, W.S. Seo, J.M. Lee, S.S. Jeong, J.J. Park

324 Static load tests on raft on rigid inclusions

F. Szymkiewicz, C. Bohn, L. Briançon, S. Lambert, P. Garnier, L. Carpinteiro

193 The influence of clay and silt content on reducing stiffness of soil in a small range of strains

W. Tymiński, T. Kiełczewski, P. Stajszczak

983 Geotechnical and structural design of primary support for shaft and tunnelling construction works at Santos station-Lisbon subway - a 3D FE modelling approach

M. Unas, S. Ferreira, F. Bernardo, R. Pistone, R. Pina, A. Tavares

Session A2

Theme A: Shallow foundations; Embankments

Room: Tejo

189 A comparative discussion on soil arching evolution in CPS and GRPS embankments

M. Almasraf, A. Salimnezhad, B.E. Kelek, O. Cininioglu, S.F. Cinicioglu

101 Effects of non-linear response of shallow foundations on transmission tower serviceability

P. Barbieri, T. Newson, M.Y. Xiao, H.P. Hong

69 Numerical simulation of pore water pressure evolution beneath a raft foundation during a river flooding

E.P. Graterol, J.G. Gutiérrez-Ch, L. Mediero, S. Senent

686 A study on ultimate vertical bearing capacity of spread foundations of sand-clay two layers ground

K. Kaneda, S. Ohtsuka

379 Nonlinear numerical analysis of foundations on basis of plate load test results

Y. Kirichek, O. Tregub

18 Seismic stability of gravity retaining walls: reliability assessment and web application

Z. Luo, B.M. Das, K. Sobhan

316 Direct design method of shallow foundation based on in situ tests results, application to dynamic cone penetrometer

T.A. Luong, P. Reiffsteck, F. Szymkiewicz, M. Benz-Navarrete

313 Conception d’un remblai avec prise en compte de la succion d’un sol non saturé pour justifier la stabilité

V. Savatier, C. Nogue Sanchez, D. Mahmutovic, O. Denk

968 Numerical investigation on attenuation response of machine foundation under horizontal excitation

A. Singh, P. Ghosh, S. Surapreddi

582 Simplified methodology to evaluate the stability of a group of isolated caisson-type maritime infrastructures

D. Tarragó, A. Gens

976 Numerical study of ground movements induced by traditional foundation underpinning

J. Woodcock, A. Fasano, A. Nikolic

480 Smart foundations for undermined and seismically affected territories

A. Zhussupbekov, B. Bazarov, A. Sarsembayeva, A. Omarov, S. Mussakhanova, D. Mukhanov

Session A3

Theme A: Ground characterization

Room: 1.4

221 A modified Rowe cell with bender elements for dynamic testing of soils and interfaces

A. Almukashfi, R. Castellanza, A. Gomes Correia, M. Arroyo, C. Zuretti, D. Bendea, I.D. Moldovan

311 Mechanical characterization of a saturated marine clay for pavement design and performance

J.H.C. Everton, S. Erlingsson

847 Cohesive soil behavior under cyclic loading in undrained conditions

A. Głuchowski, W. Sas

400 Effects of physical characteristics on the shear behaviour of Foulum glaciofluvial sand

J.Z. Krabbe, K.K. Sørensen, M.R. Lodahl

98 Parameter identification for constitutive models based on pressuremeter test

I. Marzouk, F. Tschuchnigg, H.F. Schweiger, N. Hödlmoser

510 Analysis and modelling of Resonant Column test results on reconstituted specimens of a saturated pyroclastic soil

G. Nicodemo, N. Poursalimi, V. Foresta, S. Ferlisi

86 Soil plugging in small diameter tube samplers in silty soils

E. Pöyry, M.S. Farhadi, M. Haikola, T.T. Länsivaara

625 Large scale direct shear tests on rockfill 63/180mm

J. Rocha, P. Mengé, M. Muñiz-Menéndez

915 Compressibility characteristics and hydraulic conductivity of slurry clays using large diameter rowe cell

K. Soe, M. Swamynaidu, A. Tyagi

399 Viscous resistance of clay soil under kinematic shear

A.Z. Ter-Martirosyan, L.Yu. Ermoshina

590 Assessment of shear wave velocity variation in compacted soil using pulse transmission techniques

C. Walker, A. Heitor

405 Method for triaxial experiments for unconventional strain paths and back-calculation using Neohypoplasticity

J. Zürn, L. Mugele, H.H. Stutz

Session B2

Theme B: Erosion; Seepage; Climate change

Room: 1.1

877 Discharge flow rate under sheet piles, a prediction model

A.Ahangar Asr, A. Johari, A.A. Javadi

157 Ravines in collapsible soils of Luanda, Angola: forms of erosion – state of the art

F.M. António, F.A.B. Bonito, A.A.R.C.A. Benta

830 Reliability analysis of a Po River embankment affected by underseepage

I. Bertolini, M. Marchi, L. Tonni, G. Gottardi

497 Centrifuge tests on the uplift and deformation patterns of clay cover layers in deltas

C. Cengiz, M.A. Cabrera, B. Wittekoek, M. Fransen, L. Wopereis, C. Zwanenburg

1012 Evaluating the interface shear strength of geocomposite drain and HDPE geomembrane layers in landfill cover systems

F. Chihi, G. Varga

934 Strength and rainfall-induced erosion resistance of bio-cemented soil slopes

R. Devrani, P. Vangla, S. Sharma

946 Calibration of soil water retention parameters based on field measurements

T.A.V. Gaspar, S. Pradhan, A.S. Osman, D.G. Toll

1008 Coastal erosion process at Calhetas parish, São Miguel island, Azores

F. Marques, A.M. Malheiro, P. Amaral, A. Santos, L. Cunha

217 Sand boil observations and geotechnical characterization of river embankments for the development of a backward erosion piping database

L. Tonni, M. Marchi, I. Bertolini, A. Bassi, A. Rosso

90 Prediction of water content under climatic actions. A method based on spectral analysis and soil transfer functions

Y.F. Vargas-Alzate, J. Vaunat, A.M. Zapata-Franco, A. Di Mariano

110 Managing uncertainties in the geotechnical design of climate change resilient infrastructures

P. Vitale, Z.Q. Liu

Session C3

Theme C: Tailing dams

Room: Fundex Arena

102 Experimental landfill of filtered iron ore flotation tailings at Minas-Rio system

D.G. Amorim, L.F. Silva, F.F. Rezende, T.A. Nicoli, U. Albino, F. Saliba, R.C. Silva

794 Effect of increased vertical stress on the state of grains in tailings

S. Aulestia, V. Wiklund, M. Dossey, R. Knutsson, J. Laue

703 Effect of suction and preparation method on the compressibility of Stava silty tailings

G. Bella, D. Czerski, S. Ghezzi, M. Giani, M. Lüscher, C. Ambrosi

758 Risk analysis of decommissioning design of tailings dams

J.S. Figueira, C. Mata, G. Tavares, A. Brito, J. Marcelino, L. Caldeira

749 Finite element modelling of a tailings dam using the Clay and Sand Model

A. Laera, V.H. Miranda, R.J N. Azeiteiro, T. Bui, S. Brasile, R.B.J. Brinkgreve

832 Various approaches to derive state of tailings materials on the basis of shear wave velocity measurement

M.J. Lipiński, M. Wdowska, I. Puspitaningrum

302 Analysis of risk associated with failures of tailings storage facility

Z.Q. Liu, S.S. Nagula, L. Piciullo, S. Lacasse

219 Assessment of shear stiffness and damping variations in undrained cyclic triaxial tests of iron ore tailings

J.C. Lourenço, D.L.D. Camacho, P.A.L.F. Coelho

280 Mine tailings properties and its hypoplastic predictions

H.R. Manaviparast, T. Miranda, G. Medicus, N. Cristelo

1059 Influence of permeability on the behaviour of tailings storage facilities by hydromechanical numerical analysis

C. Midão, A. Viana da Fonseca, S. Rios

222 Application of the slurry deposition method to the reconstitution of samples of wolframite ore tailings

J.P. Oliveira, P. Coelho, L. Araújo Santos

574 Centrifuge model tests to evaluate the stability of embankments in hydrodynamic conditions

S. Rios, A. Viana da Fonseca, L. Ribeiro, C. Cengiz, S.J.M. van Eekelen

Session D2

Theme D: Embankments

Room: 1.3

609 The use of foam glass for a lightweight fill and highway foundation on soft soil conditions

J.W.R. Brouwer, C.R. van Laerhoven

689 Acceleration of embankment construction on soft soils of Salamanga using wick drains and counterweight fills

H. Dete, C. Quadros

736 Execution and quality control applied on the construction of soil-cement embankments

E. Fernandes, P. Antunes, J.P. Simões, J. Ramalho, B. Monteiro

746 Management of the dynamic performance of earthworks for high-speed rail

A. Hope, O. Boumendjel-Game, H. Wood, H. Saroglou, G. Katsigiannis, S. Butler, J. Dudfield

301 Staged construction of surcharged embankments over peat for a national road in Co. Donegal, Ireland

P. Kissane, F.J. Buggy, G. Ward, B.A. McCabe, F. Fattahi Masrour, F. Towey

97 Consideration of the variable contact geometry between the drum and the soil surface in vibratory roller compaction

J. Pistrol, M. Hager, D. Adam, F. Kopf

888 Cost effective & sustainable solutions for embankments on soft soils - performance review of geocells in embankment

K.A. Ria Zamara, J. Kawalec, M. Wayne

406 Large-scale test on basal steel-reinforced piled embankments

M. Schneider, M. Hell, P. Pandrea, B. Wittekoek, S.J.M. van Eekelen, M. Topolnicki, K. Makowska, R. Sieńko, H. Zachert

80 3D small-scale tests on steel-reinforced piled embankments

S.J.M. van Eekelen, M. Schneider, B. Wittekoek, M. Hell, P. Pandrea, P. Schauber, M. Topolnicki, K. Makowska, K. Zdanowicz, R. Sieńko, H. Zachert

81 Groundwater in geosynthetics-reinforced pile-supported embankments, 3D Experiments

S.J.M. van Eekelen, B. Wittekoek, R.A. Zwaan, A. Bezuijen, A. Nancey

622 Effect of the variable discharge capacity of prefabricated vertical drains on the behaviour of an embankment built on soft soils

P.J. Venda Oliveira

Session D3

Theme D: Ground improvement

Room: Arena 1

891 Enzymatically mediated precipitation of calcium phosphate compounds: a promising approach for sustainable soil enhancement

M. Avramenko, K. Nakashima, C. Takano, S. Kawasaki

636 Load-penetration response of a site-won soil reinforced with natural fibres. Application for unpaved roads

D.M. Carlos, J. Macedo, M. Pinho-Lopes

814 Studying impact of reclamation technique on vibrocompaction performance

A. Debaize, T. Pille, K. Dedecker

167 A case study on energy-based evaluation of deep vibro compaction method

A. Gokalp, A. Dinc, S. Adatepe, R. Düzceer

136 Enhanced ductility and energy absorption of coal wash-rubber crumb mixtures for track substructure

H. Hunt, B. Indraratna, Y. Qi

457 Ground improvement solutions at the plot 14 of the Northern Lisbon logistic platform

M. Lopes, A. Pinto, A.L. Gonçalves, J. Moreno

623 Effect of the binder content in a soft stabilized soil unreinforced and reinforced subjected to cyclic loading – energy evaluation

L.A. Martins, A.A.S. Correia, P.J. Venda Oliveira, L.J. Lemos

808 The role of nano-materials and nanotechnology as a high-tech technology in geotechnical engineering

H. Niroumand, L. Balachowski

160 Erosion testing on sloped ground treated with enzyme-induced carbonate precipitation

L. Rivera, P. Bandini

654 Finite element simulation of biocement precipitation in soils

V.S. Terra, F.M.F. Simões,, R. Cardoso

238 Experimental and numerical study on the compaction of granular soils by vibrations

M. Wotzlaw, D. Aubram, F. Rackwitz

Session E3

Theme E: Landfills

Room: Arena 2

718 Effect of setback distance of leachate recirculation systems on the slope stability of bioreactor landfills

L.S. Avinash, A. Mishra

215 Theoretical assessment of the advective-diffusive transport of contaminants through landfill composite liners

N. Guarena, A. Dominijanni, M. Manassero

840 Improving soil dry compaction by adding granular material

Y. Hocini, A. Medjnoun, R. Bahar

140 The permeability characteristics of compacted recycled materials for landfill barriers in Norway

T. Kim, E.W. Ånes, G.W. Åsli, Y. Suzuki, S. Ritter

52 Accelerated stabilization of municipal solid waste in bioreactor landfills

G. Kumar, K.R. Reddy, J.K. Janga

111 Producing pore pressure due to heat for bentonite-sand mixture with difference dry densities

T. Nishimura

612 Assessment of waste dump affected area and its stability analysis for sustainable utilization of land and waste materials - a case study from the Sisdol dumpsite, Nepal

D.R. Pathak, M. Rijal

781 A novel framework for modeling the vegetation and atmosphere effect on the behaviour of infrastructure embankments

V. Pujević, L. Zdravković

723 Hydraulic conductivity of bentonite amended flyash liners for MSW landfills

K.V.N.S. Raviteja, J.K. Janga, K.R. Reddy

569 Influence of culverts on frost depth in embankments: a field study

K. Tommik, S. Knutsson, J. Laue

938 Evaluation of PFOS contamination in aquifers under single lined landfills

L. Zhao, R.K. Rowe, A. El-Zein

570 Validation of a sulfide soil landfill numerical model

A. Ziagharib, C. Maurice, Q. Jia, J. Laue, J. Macsik

Session E4

Theme E: Piles; Miscelaneous

Room: 1.2

296 Solving challenges of operational areas for renewable energy infrastructure

M. Beuße, L. Vollmert

361 A critical review of field testing of helical steel piles

P.J. Bourne-Webb, T.M. Bodas Freitas, P. Marques, E. Godinho

458 Behaviour of model pipe piles jacked in calcarenite

M. Jafari, H. Gharsallaoui, A. Holeyman

163 Discrete element modelling of axial load testing on piles under the influence of ageing

S.S. Kasyap, M.B. Mohammed, D. Igoe

429 Analysis of different temporary anchor points for construction of 380 kV high-voltage transmission masts

S. Leppla, J.C. Paninski, R. Freund

392 Axial resistance of piles during driving in chalk

T. Liu, R.M. Buckley, B.W. Byrne, S. Kontoe, R.J. Jardine, K. Vinck, R.A. McAdam

210 Physical modelling of the behaviour of buried gas pipe under surface loading

A. Mertz, C. Dano, F. Emeriault, O. Jenck, C. Fernandez, A. Lebrun, M. Polo

329 A coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical hypoplastic model for fine-grained soils accounting small strain effects

M. Pico, D. Mašín

657 Influence of grille spacing on the uplift behaviour of steel grillages for OHLs

C.J. Shepherd, M. Brown, C. Davidson, C.T.S. Beckett, S. Flint

624 Viscoplasticity and large strain consolidation modelling with converging isotaches

T.A. Vergote, Y. Devrieze

263 Effects of sustained loads on geogrid pullout behaviour embedded in a recycled construction and demolition waste

C.S. Vieira, P.M. Pereira

Welcome Reception

Tuesday, 27th August

Plenary Session - Theme A: State-of-the-art Lectures

Room: Fundex Arena

High-speed rail earthworks design developments and innovative trials – building Britain’s technical legacy

G. Katsigiannis

Recent trends in monitoring tunnelling-induced displacements of structures

E. Bilotta

Plenary Session - Theme B: State-of-the-art Lectures

Room: Fundex Arena

Dykes throughout the years

J. Vlaanderen

Exploring rate and temperature effects on residual strength. Review and implications for a landslide case study

N.M. Pinyol, L.M. Garcia, A. Lloret, M. Alvarado

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P4

212 Mechanical and physicochemical study of a cemented sand exposed to wetting and drying cycles

A. Wassermann, A. Abdallah, O. Cuisinier, C. Diliberto, J.-M. Mechling

757 Determining the modulus of subgrade reaction for piled raft foundations by numerical modelling

B. Zarazvand, J. Frankovska

13 Research on macro-meso relationship of geological materials based on Discrete Element Method: review and prospect

M. Zhou, Q. Zhang, R. Ding

330 Creep of organic soils due to small load increments

C. Zwanenburg, B. Wittekoek, M. Konstadinou

963 Contract for the stabilization of the north cliff in Azenhas do Mar

S. Almeida, M. Pereira

977 Seabed and sub-seabed boulders as an engineering hazard in the marine environment; a risk mitigation strategy for subsea cables

L.J. Burley, E. Tataki, H.M. Taylor, V. Terente, N. Dyer

631 UAS thermal imagers for monitoring and analysing landslide in a mudstone area

H.-W. Chen, C.Y. Chen, Y.Y. Liu

812 Appraisal of various measures for liquefaction flowslide mitigation in a mild sloping ground

M.H. Fansuri, M. Chang, R.R. Rayhansyah, H.J. Lin, T.C. Upomo, R. Kusumawardani

870 Coastal cliff stabilization and access stair reconstruction at Peneco beach, Algarve, Portugal

C. Fartaria, A. Pinto, J. Dinis, P. Nunes, M. Silva

218 2D Seismic response analyses from 3rd Level Seismic Microzonation in the Southern Italy: approaches and applications

S. Grasso, M.R. Massimino, M.S.V. Sammito

831 Endangered historic sites: the case study of Santa Croce in Ravenna (Italy)

M. Marchi, I. Bertolini, G. Gottardi

Plenary Session - Theme B: Keynote Lecture

Room: Fundex Arena

Geotechnical aspects of February 6, 2023 Kahramanmaraş- Türkiye earthquake sequence

K.O. Cetin, E. Cakir, A. Elsaid, F. Cuceoglu, B. Soylemez, S. Ocak, B.U. Ayhan

Lunch; Exhibition

Poster Session P5

341 Numerical modelling of the seismic site effects in Lisbon: role of buried and surficial morphology

L. Oliveira, R.C. Gomes, S. Amoroso, A. Pagliaroli, P. Teves-Costa

806 Expansive and collapsible soil behaviour under the Revised Soil Classification System

R. Ortiz-Hernández, E. Rojas-González

1004 Combining slope satellite image analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms for highway service level assessment

D. Owusu-Ansah, J. Tinoco, J. Matos, R. Cabral

645 The Citizens Observatories as a tool to manage geohazards; Lisbon Multihazards CO case study

C. Pinto, A. Frias, P. Leonardo, C.S. Oliveira, M. Inácio, R. Carrilho Gomes, M. Ferreira

744 Ground investigation methods used in high-speed railway for mitigation of dissolution features risk in chalk

S. Pryce, M. Black, H. Saroglou, G. Katsigiannis, S. Muniyasamy

767 Landslide monitoring: comparative analysis of long-term automated systems in Brazil and the UK

A. Silva, C. Levesque, B. Norberto, S. Holloway, D. Fornelli

879 Assessment of geotechnical properties using optimisation methods

M. Stãnciucu, I. Mircea

836 Thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis of soil strata suffered from desiccation cracking

S. Tourchi, M. Jabbarzadeh, H. Sadeghi

811 Development and experimental calibrations of a multifunction slope monitoring device - Smart Pole

C.H. Wang, S.Y. Jeng, B.J. Hou, Y.T. Hu

434 The A83 Loch Shira landslide, Scotland

M.G. Winter, T. Waaser, G. Fiddes

307 Monitoring and analyzing vibrations from tunnel boring machine in urban areas

Y. Aslan, A. Rallu, A. Rallu, N. Berthoz, C. Chatzigogos, T. Makrypidi

Session A4

Theme A: Excavations; Tunneling

Room: Fundex Arena

417 Back-analysis of deep excavations supported by strutted retaining walls

V.I. Cordoni, L. Gelonch, B. Solà, C. de Santos, A. Ledesma

1024 Creative approaches for enhancing excavation shoring efficiency through diaphragm wall prestressing techniques

M.C. Frydrych

849 Soil-structure interaction of two different configurations of a cut and cover tunnel

A.M. Hasan, B.J. Shwan, O.Q. Aziz

321 Dynamic pull-out tests to characterize the earthquake behav-ior of soil-nailed walls

G. Hawwa, J. de Sauvage, P. Joffrin, Y. Fargier, J.P. Rajot

414 An advanced method to predict umbrella arch behaviour in soft ground tunnelling

S. Kuder, J. Klopčič, B. Pulko, J. Logar

1060 Assessing tunnel-structure interaction effects in London Clay

J. Liu, A. Tsiampousi, A. Ruiz López, D.M.G. Taborda

66 Advanced numerical modelling using the Hardening Soil Small Strain material model for sensitive excavations adjacent to a metro station

C. Merino, J. González, A. Prados

466 Assessing the impact of correlated geotechnical properties on the behaviour of retaining structures

E. Panagiotis, I. Rocchi, V. Zania

655 Applying machine learning to the development of surrogate models for shafts in clay

A. Ruiz López, D.M.G. Taborda, A. Tsiampousi, A.M.G. Pedro, S. Hardy

109 Comparison of Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Sequential Monte Carlo inference techniques for calibrating soil parameters in a braced excavation

N. Yang, T. Le, L.T. Nguyen

512 Simplified finite element modeling of TBM tunneling

H. Zaiter, H. Mroueh, E. Bourgeois

Session A5

Theme A: Ground characterization

Room: 1.1

270 Cross analysis between different evaluation methods of small strain moduli in clays and marls of parisian subsoil

N. Berthoz, N. Dufour, A. Rallu, Y. Aslan, D. Branque

1058 Influence of volumetric boundary conditions on the water-retention behaviour of reconstituted and intact clay shales

F. Christ, A.A. Lavasan

273 Integrating local data into geotechnical design through a predictive probabilistic approach

A. Finiasz, J. Hassaoui, C. Jacquard, E. de Rocquigny

809 On the thermal failure of sand-clay mixture

A. Hamidi, A. Shirasb, S. Tourchi

893 Repeated LWD test to assess the stiffness properties of clayey soil


225 Characterization of intermediate soils by innovative in-situ testing procedures using Medusa DMT

P. Monaco, S. Amoroso, A. Chiaradonna, D. Marchetti, T.M.H. Le, J.-S. L’Heureux

185 Accumulated axial strains for bentonite sand mixture due to cyclic loading with low confining pressures

T. Nishimura

364 Prediction of resilient modulus of unsaturated soils considering inter-particle suction bonding

A. Rana, A. Azizi, A. Kumar, M. Lloret-Cabot, D.G. Toll

119 Shear and creep behaviour of frozen granular soils under compressive and tensile loading

U. Schindler, S. Chrisopoulos, S. Vogt, R. Cudmani

937 Advanced constitutive model parameter determination, optimisation and selection using a database of triaxial tests and machine learning tools

M.T. Stals, K. Siderius, R.B.J. Brinkgreve

107 Applications of PS suspension logging test in port infrastructures

A. Tijera, E. Asanza, R. Ruiz

122 Numerical simulations of soil tests emulating ground behaviour beneath super-tall building foundations

Y. Zhou, T. Kiriyama

Session B3

Theme B: Landslides

Room: 1.3

91 Numerical analysis of an unstable slope

A. Di Mariano, J. Serna-Garcia, Y.F. Vargas-Alzate, A. Gens

48 Monitoring the hydro-mechanical effects of vegetation cover on shallow landslide triggering: preliminary results from a case study in western Norway

A. DiBiagio, V. Capobianco, A. Oen, L.M. Tallaksen

356 Slope stability modelling of urbanisation scenarios for communities in north Quito, Ecuador

R. Hen-Jones, C. Zapata, E. Jiménez, E.A. Holcombe, P.J. Vardanega

851 Vulnerability assessment of buildings to landslides: application to Swiss case studies

E.P. Howald, L. Francone, D. Martinelli

256 Remote sensing techniques for soil-structure interaction health monitoring

D. Infante, S. Moretti, M. Zimbardo, A. Scotto di Santolo

190 Prediction program for slow moving landslides

R. Marte, H. Ramoser

1011 Mapping and monitoring tailings storage facilities with muography

M.A. McLean, F. Scutti, R. Seikel, S. Krishnan, C. Webster, S. Collins, S. Palanisamy, P.H. Panchal, J. Donovan, A.R. Duffy, C. Goss, A.N. Christensen

60 Mapping the 3D effect for slope stability analyses of quick clay slopes

S.S. Nagula, L. Rødvand, H.P. Jostad, S. Degago

598 An early warning procedure based on coupling short-time weather forecasting and numerical slope analysis

M. Pirone, G. Forte, A. Santo, G. Urciuoli, L. Picarelli

936 Numerical and theoretical investigation on the triggering mechanisms of rainfall-induced landslides

G.M. Rotisciani, A. Desideri, A. Amorosi

810 Enhancing landslide anomaly detection in aerial imagery through pre-processing and GANomaly deployment

C.H. Wang, K.C. Lo, C.Y. Hu, P.H. Wang

Session C4

Theme C: Ground characterization

Room: Arena 2

73 Tensile strength of rocks: comparison of different testing methods

J. Castro, J. Justo, M.H. Olson, M. Miranda

117 Large-scale soil investigations for greenfield railways using airborne geoscanning: a case study from Mato Grosso, Brazil

C.W. Christensen, B.R. Bloss, A.A. Silva, E.J. Harrison, M.S. Gomes, R.W.M. Ferraz

494 Influence of lateral stress on soil-structure interface tests in a hollow cylinder apparatus

S. Gehring, H.H. Stutz, T. Lohrmann, Ph. Förschler

546 Earth mounds construction in York’s Norman castles: implications for current performance and protection

A. Heitor, P. Winslow, E. Yenne, C. MacRae, S. Gandolfi

577 Hydro-Mechanical response of a shale subjected to gas transport in the context of radioactive waste disposal

Q. Llabjani, A. Ferrari, L. Laloui, P. Marschall

566 Relevance of correlation length in geotechnical engineering

M. Lloret-Cabot, K. Zhang, W. Zhang, D. Toll

375 An energetic approach to the soil mechanical behaviour description in a zero-dimensional formulation

A. Yu. Mirnyy

722 Exploring soil mechanics laboratory tests: accuracy, discrepancies, and implications

J. Rohac

235 Influence of pore fluid composition on shear strength of reconstituted normally consolidated kaolinite

M. Schröder, J. Grabe

557 Performance of state parameter for undrained shear behaviour

S.U.U.S. Shah, A. Ahmad

7 Analysis of pore characteristics of natural structured clay applying the combination of SEM and MIP

X.W. Zhang, G. Wang, X.Y. Liu

1057 Case study on interpretation of cone penetration tests in sandy soil layers

Y. Zhang, X. Ma, C. Ji, X. Zhang, W. Li, MYang

Session D4

Theme D: Ground improvement; Miscelaneous

Room: 1.2

730 Assessment of stiffness parameters of stone columns

E. Carvajal Díaz, P. Ruiz-Terán, J. Castro, M. Miranda

75 Numerical analyses of the optimum length of stone columns and their encasements

J. Castro, M. Miranda, A. Márquez, J. Fernández-Ruiz, S. Melentijevic

719 Fluid rheology and its implications for flow and cuttings transport in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) bores

S.P.C. Che, C.O. Menkiti, S.A. Jefferis

706 Consolidating existing road structures using self-drilling bars

I.A. Ciocaniu, A.C. Onescu, S. Manea, P. Uta

671 The practice of testing ground nails

M. de Carvalho

181 Forensic evaluation of gabion walls

M. Duffy-Turner, I.M. Nettleton, M.G. Winter, P. Liew

1041 Comparative trials of geosynthetic materials in the base of road pavement on the section of the Central Ring Road in the Moscow Region

A. Kuznetsova

59 Application of Machine Learning algorithms to drilling data for deep foundations and soil treatments

E. Martínez García, M. García Alberti, A.A. Arcos Álvarez

735 Design and modelling for groundwater engineering and control

S.D. Thomas, G. French, J. Watson, B. Casal

132 Analysis of the influence in soil permeability, with the use of high-density drilling fluids applied in the internal edge of drilling rows

A.H.P. Toyoshima, C.C. Soares, G.C. Alvarez, G.C.L.R. Costa

433 Forensic examination of gravity block walls

M.G. Winter, M. Duffy-Turner, I.M. Nettleton, P. Liew

Session D5

Theme D: Excavations; Tunnelling; Monitoring

Room: Tejo

168 Design, construction and monitoring phases of a diaphragm wall shoring application near the Golden Horn

Ö. Akçakal, C. Acar, M.N. Velioğlu, O. Sevim

214 The effect of the anisotropic state of stress on the normal force in a deep tunnel preliminary deformable lining

L. Batocchioni, S. Miliziano, V. Rodrìguez González

348 Geotechnical works for an underground electric power station, in Bucharest

D. Ciumeică, A-E. Popa, L. Sata, S. Manea

943 Development and laboratory testing of a low-cost wireless in-place inclinometer prototype

R. Correia dos Santos, J. Marcelino

987 Solutions of excavations and peripherical earth retaining walls in dense urban area

L. Fernandes, R. Justiniano

230 Artificial Ground Freezing for underground excavation: a coupled modelling approach supporting tunnelling design

G. Guida, F. Casini, A. Restaini, A. Celot

158 Field tests on vertical and horizontal resistance of steel sheet piles installed by the Press-in with Auger

Y. Ishihara, K. Okada, M. Eguchi, A. Mori, T. Miyanohara

112 Role of tunnel ground loss on the mitigating effect of pile-wall barriers

N. Losacco

681 Influence of temperature on strut loads in braced excavations

P.-A. Mortensen, T. Sandane

602 Influence of soil constitutive models on settlement prediction of urban tunnelling

B. Salehi, B.S. Muntau

489 Excavation, retaining wall and deep foundations solutions for an office building at Alcântara – Lisbon

R. Tomásio, F. Veloso, N. Rosa

Session E5

Theme E: Offshore structures

Room: Arena 1

468 Generalized P-y curves for monopile design using the PISA methodology

L. Berenguer Todo Bom

652 The impact of geotechnical spatial variability on the installation of suction caisson anchors

E. Gallagher, S. Buykx, C. Reale, D. Igoe

535 Insight into modelling offshore monopiles via 3D finite element analyses

D. Gaudio, A.B. Batilas, L.M. Lapastoure, A. Loukas, J. Lee, T. Joseph, I. Thusyanthan

536 Formulation of a practical multi-surface plasticity model for sands

D. Konstantinidis, H.J. Burd, C.M. Martin

648 Prediction of short piles response to lateral monotonic load in dense sand at Blessington

L.-M. Lapastoure, D. Igoe

529 Modelling hysteretic damping of soils for monopiles

A.R. Leon Bal, M. Jafari, L.A. Berenguer Todo Bom, M. Goodarzi

614 An introduction to shared anchor in weak rock for floating systems

L. Montalti, F. Moreno, V. Terente

246 On the influence of jack-up footprints on the dynamic behaviour of offshore foundations

T. Pucker

610 The SOURCE project: quantifying and reducing the uncertainties associated with in situ stiffness measurements

N.S. Shinde, R.M. Buckley, L.P. Rieman

940 Portugal first HVAC submarine power transmission cable - from engineering to construction

R. Silvano, V. Terente, L. Burley, R. Francos, A. Santos, M. Conceição

572 Impact of stiffness properties and overconsolidation on the lateral behaviour of monopile foundations in clay deposits

D.M.G. Taborda, A. Tsiampousi, K. Georgiadis

586 Numerical modelling of the long-term cyclic ratcheting of monopile foundations under lateral loading

P. Tantivangphaisal, D.M.G. Taborda, S. Kontoe

Session E6

Theme E: Ground improvement

Room: 1.4

164 Improving the remoulded shear strength of a quick clay using biochar

E.W. Ånes, J.I. Loshelder, S. Hov, P. Paniagua, S. Ritter

9 Applying electrokinetic technology coupled with enzyme-induced carbonate precipitation treatment to Cu- and Pb-contaminated loess remediation

W.C. Cheng, L. Wang, Z.F. Xue, M.M. Rahman

460 Preliminary study of the influence of marble dust on clayey soils improvement depending on the characteristics of the natural soil

E. Gutierrez, J.L. Pastor, M. Cano, A. Santos, T. Hino

833 Large-scale soil bio-cementation: insights into homogeneity, quality control, and waste handling

R. Harran, D. Terzis, M. Büyüklü, L. Laloui

24 The effect of polypropylene fibre content on the mechanical properties of mass-stabilised soils

L.C. Kelly, S.B. Mickovski, A. Gonzalez-Ollauri

135 Basic characteristics of environment-friendly soil-cement material with added biochar

Y. Kurimoto, Y. Asaka

491 Microbial biopolymer-based soil treatment (BPST) effectiveness on the soil hydraulic erosion reduction assessed via laboratory to field scale methods

S. Lee, I. Chang, M. Lee, Y. Kwon, G.C- Cho

721 Soil stabilization with plastic waste and sisal fibres

R. Luzia, D. Gardete, D. Monteiro, M. Sousa

71 Lignin used as stabilizer in an expansive unsaturated soil

S. Orlandi, D. Manzanal, C. Laskowski, L.G. Libardi, L. Oldecop

611 Effect of cyclic loading stress level and amplitude on the behaviour of a soft soil chemically stabilized unreinforced and fibre-reinforced

J. Villarroel-Ortega, A.A.S. Correia, P.J. Venda Oliveira, L. Leal Lemos

628 Effect of the acetylation on the water resistance of biopolymer stabilised soil

X. Yu, S.J. Armistead, J. McGregor, N. Martsinovich, C.C. Smith

820 Mechanical characteristics of non-cohesive soil improved by fibre and cement addition

K. Zabielska-Adamska, P. Dobrzycki, M. Wasil

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P6

896 Excavation and tunnelling impact on existing structures in the context of the second generation Eurocodes

W. Bogusz

801 The implications of poor leadership on geotechnical risk

C.A. Bridges

355 Review of SPT-undrained shear strength correlation for UK soil deposits

J.J. Crispin, C.E.L. Gilder, P.J. Vardanega

776 Geotechnical parameters estimation in iron ore tailings piles via bayesian models

B.M. de Lacerda, R. Chammas, T.C.O. Fonseca, T.B. dos Santos

617 Comparison between biocementation and a traditional cover solution to avoid ravines in slopes caused by water flow

R. Fernández Rodríguez, R. Cardoso

685 Impact of a spacing reduction in a fall cone test

R. Khalili, C. Jommi, W.T. Sołowski

728 Representative values of geotechnical parameters derived from dynamic penetration test

E. Kucova, M. Kuvik

201 Evaluation of the reliability of pressuremeter tests using a multi-criteria analysis

L. Lachérade, A. Marache, A. Denis, I. Halfon, J. Rohmer, L. Closset, F. Quesnel

245 Failure in cohesive soil due to hydraulically induced fractures

H. Machacek, B. Odenwald, K.J. Witt

1049 The use of vane shear tests in granular materials for shear strength measurement

J. Meng, J. Laue

162 Practical application of non-linear dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis; Case study in the Groningen field, The Netherlands

C. Merino, J.M. Torres

Session A6

Theme A: Modelling

Room: 1.4

807 Centrifuge modelling of tapered wall jacked into dense sand

L. Bałachowski, W.F. Kabeta, L. Thorel, M. Blanc, T. Dubreucq

314 Settlement analysis for a nuclear plant design

M. Blanckaert, B. Pelletier, S. Depinois, M.T. Hoang

404 Automatic parameter calibration of advanced constitutive soil models and application to a boundary value problem

F. Brosz, J. Machaček, H. Zachert

194 Application of optimization algorithms in geotechnical engineering as decision-making support tool

K. Cerek, E. Hadjiloo, J. Grabe

283 Slog: an open geotechnical software

J. de Sauvage

632 Influence of the subgrade geomechanical classification on the short term and long-term performance of a railway track

A. Ramos, A. Gomes Correia, R. Calçada

843 Numerical modelling of unsaturated bentonite subjected to different hydro-mechanical stress paths

C.E. Rodríguez, A. Gens, R. Vasconcelos, J. Vaunat

410 On the modelling of state and history dependency of small strain stiffness of soils with application to 1D settlement analysis

A.B. Tsegaye, J.-S. L'Heureux

527 Application of the isotache law and the power creep law on prediction of long-term consolidation behaviour

Y. Watabe, Y. Miyata

435 The impact of small strain stiffness parameters on geotechnical numerical modelling - a case study in Budapest, Hungary

Á. Wolf, K. Ficzek, Zs. Szilvágyi

841 Simulation of sand-fines mixtures behaviour based on bounding surface plasticity and equivalent void ratio

F.H. Yeh, L.F. Prada-Sarmiento, M. Tafili, D. Sarkar, T. Wichtmann, L. Ge

Session A7

Theme A: Piles

Room: Arena 1

19 Incorporating site variability into LRFD design of piles

M.Y. Abu-Farsakh, M.H. Rahman

479 Prediction of uplift and compression bearing capacity of screw piles in saturated sand

D.K. Andreasen, A.K. Koteras, L.B. Ibsen

818 Micropile bearing capacity analysis usingfiber optic technology

R. Bednarek

182 A critical review of field testing of helical steel piles

P.J. Bourne-Webb, T.M. Bodas Freitas, P. Marques, E. Godinho

224 Performance-based interaction domains for pile groups

R. Cesaro, R. Di Laora, C. Iodice, A. Mandolini

505 A semi-analytical model for axial soil-pile interaction in generalized inhomogeneous soils

A. Della Corte, O. Orakci, A. Tsikas, S. François, G. Anoyatis

473 Port silo foundations on piles under vertical cyclic stresses

P. Dogaru, R. Ciortan

47 Effect of strain-softening and strength anisotropy on the undrained resistance of deeply embedded pile/pipe section

Y.P. Dong

467 Improvement of tubular piles by effective closure

M. Doubrovsky, V. Dubravina

947 The behaviour of piles in unsaturated expansive clays under cyclic lateral loading

T.A.V. Gaspar, R.A. Murison, S.W. Jacobsz, G. Heymann, A.S. Osman

373 Numerical modelling of soil-pile interaction in a subsiding soil

J.G. Kania, L.L.C.G. de Sousa, O. Hededal, K.K. Sørensen

234 Some applications of interaction domains to pile foundations design

A. Lambrughi, A. Chiarelli, M. Orlandini, A. Mandolini

Session B4

Theme B: Ground characterization

Room: Arena 2

173 Evaluating undrained shear strength and sensitivity in soft sensitive clay using piezocone and field vane tests

B. Di Buò, P.W. Mayne, P. Paniagua, S.S. Agaiby

431 Resonant column round-robin testing

N. Dufour, H. Calissano, L. Batilliot, I. Rogoff, C. Simon, A. Disantantonio, T. Lando, E. Bourguignon

712 Experimental investigation of influence of soil plasticity on compression characteristics and creep behaviour of clayey soils

M.N. Duy, J. Jerman

444 Use of Bayesian Kriging to develop new soil property maps for Quito, Ecuador

C.E.L. Gilder, M.M. Othman, C. Zapata, E.A. Holcombe, R. De Risi, F. De Luca, P.J. Vardanega

501 Fire-induced changes in the geotechnical properties of a volcanic soil

L. Iervolino, D. Peduto, V. Foresta

126 Local site response analyses based on field measurements compared to vs30 site-condition and geologic and topographic constraints

O. Kegyes-Brassai, G. Kovacs, T. Toth, B. Labar, A. Wolf

548 A geotechnical and geophysical characterization of the influence of seasonal variation on railway embankments

Q. Khan, S. Donohue, A. Trafford, B. Dashwood, J.E. Chambers

6 Laboratory assessment of shear strength parameters in sandy soil by lime permeation method and sensitivity analysis from Doi Chang case study

A. Koirala, S. Soralump

488 Challenges in the geotechnical characterisation of bauxite tailings (Red Mud)

I. Lopes, M. Garcia, G. Tavares

969 Effect of bentonite permeation on the fabric and strength of Ottawa Sand

D. Mourtada, G.A. Jaoude

1013 Effects of temperature, pore fluid composition and rate of shearing on the residual shear strength of soils

G. Scaringi, O.P. Dhakal, M. Loche

184 Shear strength of sand under different range of confining stresses using various shearing devices

M. Vivoda Prodan, J. Peranić, V. Jagodnik, D. Marušić, D. Štiberc, N. Kamenar, Ž. Arbanas

Session C5

Theme C: Foundations; Monitoring

Room: 1.3

752 Designing a pre-load embankment for the construction of a stage over a sanitary landfill founded in soft soils

A. Brito, J. Carreto

861 The use of dynamic load tests for execution control of driven precast piles in logistic warehouses

J. Costa, J.M. Díaz, J.C. Sanchez

600 Monitoring of soil deformations induced by deep mixing using an FME-based data analysis tool

F. Deckner, V. Enbom, A. Kriege, K. Borgström, T. Forsberg

208 Calibration of a numerical model for the investigation of piled rafts under dynamic loading

Y. Degu, O. Reul, A. Worku, F. Tschuchnigg

121 A new interpretation method of rapid pile load testing: verification through comparison with static load test

S. Lin, S. Kamei, I. Yamamoto, K. Watanabe, T. Matsumoto, N. Shkodrani

550 A comparative study of European and Japanese pile design codes based on a test site data

K. Mandal, S. Lin, G. Belokas, N. Shkodrani, T. Matsumoto

747 Numerical assessment of the ongoing settlements of the western tower of Terreiro do Paço, in Lisbon, Portugal

L. Miranda, J. Carreto

1005 The use of InSAR to analyse ground displacement: the case study of Póvoa de Santa Iria industrial area

M. Ormeche, R.C. Gomes, A.P. Falcão

108 Distributed fibre optic sensing of stabilised soil

S. Ritter, E.S. Rørvik, H.J. Meland, S. Hov, P. Paniagua

220 Seismic bearing capacity of shallow foundations on soil reinforced by rigid inclusions

Y. Shen, J. Pérez-Herreros, F. Cuira, S. Burlon, J-F. Semblat

1039 Cathédrale de Beauvais: les accidents structurels des XIIIe et XVIe siècles eurent-ils une origine géotechnique? Partie 1: contexte historique et naturel

J.D. Vernhes, P. Renault, Y. Zotna

639 Interpretation of large diameter preliminary pile tests in Ampthill Clay, West Walton and Oxford Clay formations for Thame Valley viaduct

S. Vitorino, H. Yeow

Session C6

Theme C: Probabilistic analysis; Machine learning; Eurocode 7

Room: Tejo

150 Probability-based hybrid landslide assessment system integrating landslide susceptibility and numerical modeling

Y.-H. Chen, K.-W. Liao

262 Why geotechnical engineering isn’t ready yet for machine learning?

T. Daktera, L. Janodet

848 Estimation of permeability coefficient using machine learning algorithms on the example of AdaBoost and Artificial Neural Network algorithms

J. Dzięcioł, W. Sas

268 Probabilistic stability assessment of deforested steep slopes using 3D finite element method

A. Ebener, K. Lesny

482 Revisit a landslide in Boulder clay at Selset, Yorkshire: insights from probabilistic analysis

W. Huang, S. Bulolo, W. Zhang, M. Zhang

835 Probabilistic analysis for the design of a Vienna metro shaft using Monte Carlo simulation

O. Kichaieva, D. Adam

67 Effect of variability parameters on 3D probabilistic slope stability prediction

E.A. Oguz, T.M.H. Le

207 Accuracy of machine learning techniques in forecasting tunnelling-induced soil settlements with limited data

T. Richa, J.M. Pereira, L.-M. Guayacan-Carrillo, G. Chapron, F. Lanquette

589 Influence of the procedure for determining the characteristic values of strength parameters on the probability of failure of unsupported cuts

F.P.S. Rogério, N.M.C. Guerra, A.N. Antão, M. Vicente da Silva, M. Matos Fernandes

293 Groundwater statistics in the second-generation Eurocode 7

T. Schweckendiek, J. Estaire, A.J. Bond

853 Influence of spatial variability of strength on bearing capacity for unsaturated soil

B.J. Shwan

856 Application of numerical modelling in Next Generation of Eurocode 7

H.C. Yeow, G. Katsigiannis

Session D6

Theme D: Ground improvement

Room: Fundex Arena

357 Sensitivity analysis of load transfer curves in case of rigid inclusions

P. Burtin, J. Racinais

211 Degradation mechanisms of the hydro-mechanical behaviour of a lime-treated clay exposed to wetting and drying cycles

N. Chabrat, G. Russo, E. Vitale, O. Cuisinier, F. Masrouri

788 Use of a natural inorganic binder to improve the mechanical properties of mining tailings

M.M.M. Fontes, M.D. de O. Corrêa, A.M. Santos, A.B.S.P. de Paiva, G.M. de D. Vieira

889 Performance evaluation of CDC compaction for warehouses: a case study of European projects

C. Guglielmelli, J.W. Dijkstra

547 Soil improvement methods in the mediterranean railway corridor, Pulpí – Vera stretch, Almería

E. Jiménez Ontiveros, L.M. de la Rosa Domínguez, D. Martínez Sánchez, J. Lavado Rodríguez

205 Study of the behaviour of treated load transfer platform on rigid inclusions

J. Mannah, C. Chalak, H. Farhat, L. Briançon, S. Grange, K. Varain, D. Dias, T. Lenoir

604 Use of xanthan gum produced by a bacteria to reduce the soil permeability

A. Mendonça, P.J. Venda Oliveira, P. Morais, A.P. Chung

1056 Application of Cutter Soil Mixing technology in retaining walls

A. Peixoto, P. Gomes

845 Ground improvement between stone columns: a performance study on various soil types using in-situ testing

L. Roldan, M. Sottile, A.O. Sfriso, J. Rola

226 Mechanical properties of a gravel soil injected with a polyurethane binder

G. Tintelnot, G. Spagnoli

919 Interpretation of ion exchange in soil-bentonite mixtures

R. Yu, A. Takai, T. Kato, T. Katsumi

Session D7

Theme D: Foundations

Room: 1.2

621 Activating decarbonisation in the piling supply chain

C.A. Barker, J. Ly

591 End bearing of large diameter piles in sand during driving

D. Cathie, S. Raymackers, T. Vergote, G. Haine, J. Saraiva, A. Burgraeve

448 Numerical modelling of suction bucket foundations subjected to axial loading

E. Eleftheriou, D.M.G. Taborda

360 Effects of soil improvement on the axial load capacity of drilled displacement piles – a CPT based case history analysis

G. Figueroa Palacios, A. Lemnitzer

504 On the ground settlements observed during execution of jet grouting columns in urban area adjacent to a historic building

J. Logar, B. Pulko, J. Smolar, K. Oštir

958 Performance assessment of a combined foundation system of end-bearing and floating piles in a challenging soil profile

A. Magdy, M. Shahien, M. El Sawwaf, A. Nasr

289 Underpinning and strengthening of an existing port infrastructure to allow 8m depth dredging for the installation of a high-capacity vessel synchrolift

P. Matias Ramos, L. Esteves

5 Assessment of the bearing capacity of bored piles with Expander Body technology using pressuremeter test-based methods

F.F. Monteiro, A.S. Oliveira, R.P. Cunha, M.F.P. Aguiar, C.M. Silva, P.J.R. Albuquerque

250 Investigations of material discharge caused by groundwater flow during the installation of bored piles

H. Nissen, C. Fierenkothen, E. Dornecker, M. Herten

470 The pile inspector, a new quality tool to read pile base enlargement of bored piles

N. Schneider, O. Stahlhut, P. Lenz

271 Square shallow foundation on four rigid inclusions subjected to uncentered vertical load: centrifuge modelling

L. Thorel, M. Blanc, A. Neel, A. Jagu, Ph. Audrain, P. Gaudicheau, S. Lerat

Session E7

Theme E: Ground characterization

Room: 1.1

635 Experimental assessment of adsorbed water for geomechanical applications

S. Babiy, A. Tuttolomondo, L. Laloui

187 Initial design and testing of a new site investigation tool for the direct determination of p-y soil reaction curves: ROBOCONE

J. Creasey, A.E. Hajjar, A.T. Conn, E. Ibraim, A.H. Bateman, G. Mylonakis, G. Martin, A. Diambra, K. Wen, B.P.J. Cerfontaine, S.M. Gourvenec, D.J. White, D. Igoe, S.S. Kasyap

183 A laboratory study of freeze-thaw effects on hydraulic conductivity of kaolin-sand mixtures

S. Feng, E. Ibraim, P.J. Vardanega

949 Why natural log of soil permeability is a linear function of void ratio for 0-400µm soils having a sandy-silty-clayey matrix?

J.C. Gress, M. Ferreira, J.M. Cuinet

322 The effect of soil type on the temperature-dependent strength parameters

M. Guner, S. Polat, U.C. Erginag, O. Cinicioglu, M. Sutman, A. Hashemi

462 Using grain size distribution to estimate permeability

E. Imre, Á. Bálint, D.Q. Houng, L. López, Cs. Kollár, L. Répássy, D.K. Mwinken, Zs. Illés, M. Datcheva, W. Baille, D. Barreto, J. Leak, S. Feng

1028 Accelerated implicit cyclic loading with the hypoplastic sand

T. Kadlíček, D. Mašín

560 Identifying porosity distribution and swell anisotropy of laboratory sedimented high plasticity clay through NMR imaging

E.M. Kinslev, I. Rocchi, L.T.P. Meireles

342 Reclamation of former brown coal mines: determining shear strength

J. Kostal, P. Cernoch

334 Three-dimensional characterization of non-uniform deformation in drying fine sediments: an x-ray CT study

L. Li, B. Zhao

155 Testing methodologies to evaluate waste-based liners

L. Marchiori, M.V. Morais, A. Albuquerque, L. Andrade Pais, V. Cavaleiro

Wednesday, 28th August

Plenary Session - Theme C: State-of-the-art Lectures

Room: Fundex Arena

Specificities of floating offshore wind turbines for risk and safety evaluation of anchoring systems

B. Cerfontaine, S.M. Gourvenec, D.J. White

Basal-reinforced pile-supported embankments, dealing with risks and safety during design and construction

S.J.M. van Eekelen, P.G. van Duijnen, T. Schweckendiek

Plenary Session - Theme D: State-of-the-art Lectures

Room: Fundex Arena

Cutoffs in dams: overview and recent developments

G. Pereira

Tremie Concrete for special geotechnical works – a story about performance and sustainability

K. Beckhaus

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P7

869 Establishing the geotechnical category through analysis of difficult soils - a proposed procedure

E. Milutinovici, G. Dragomir, D. Mihailescu

924 Internal erosion initiation in gap-graded soils: a 3D microstructure assessment using convolutional autoencoders

J. Qi, N. Yousefpour, G. Narsilio, M. Pouragha

826 Iron tailings reclamation: geotechnical analysis during emerged and submerged excavations

L. Rezende, M. Ehrlich, A. Oliveira

696 Use of steel piles in the de-characterization process of tailings dams in Brazil

R.F. Rodrigues, A.N. Milagres, M.M.M. Fontes, M.R. Petronilho, B.C. Novais, G. Hurtado

430 Analysis of the soil-structure interaction of a high-rise building near sensitive infrastructures

M. Seip, M. Hassan, S. Leppla, A. Norkus

50 Prediction of load transfer curves in pile groups executed in profiles of granular soils from field test measurements

D.F. Silva, A.S. Moura

1040 Cathédrale de Beauvais: les accidents structurels des XIIIe et XVIe siècles eurent-ils une origine géotechnique? Partie 2: accidents structurels et rôle de la géotechnique

J.D. Vernhes, P. Renault, Y. Zotna

562 Pile driveability predictions of open ended tubular piles in sand using the Unified Method

K. Argyroulis, J. Putteman, K. Gavin, A.A. Roubos

910 Experimental study of geotextiles effects on bearing capacity of a non-lateritic tropical soil

M.G. Avelar, P.C. Rodrigues, H.N. Pitanga

587 Foundation solutions near Trancão river, in Lisbon

I. Braz, A. Pinto, C. Simões, T. Gomes, C. Caxias

731 A case study of offshore stone columns by the novel S-Alpha Dive system: San Ignacio bridge in Bilbao

E. Carvajal Díaz, P. Ruiz-Terán

Plenary Session - Theme C: Keynote Lecture

Room: Fundex Arena

Risk analysis and mitigation in geotechnical engineering – Lessons learned from the collapse of the historical archive in Cologne due to underground construction

C. Moormann, M.J.P. Effenberger

Lunch; Exhibition

Poster Session P8

1053 Enhancing soil-cement mixture's performance with GGBS

S. Choudhary, K. Meena, M. Kumar, L. Borana

872 The sustainable future of vertical drains

J.W. Dijkstra, R. Bodamer

308 Consequences of geometrical imperfections for deep dry mixing columns in a deep excavation pit

M.K. Haugen, M. Kahlström, P.A. Mortensen, K.M. Kjærstad, Y. Pan

159 Case history of installation and static vertical load testing on piles executed by the rotary cutting press-in in Amsterdam

Y. Ishihara, K. Okada, Y. Toda, Y. Kitano

485 Construction method and methodology for the optimization of panels overlap in cut-off walls in Santa Maria Dam, Sinaloa

E. Jiménez Ontiveros, F.J. Blanco Blanco, V.H. Olivera Luis

981 Deep and complex excavation in an urban environment in Miraflores, Oeiras

R. Justiniano, A. Pinto

922 Performance investigation of a newly proposed drainable pipe fitting

K. Kawai, K. Nakashima, K. Maeda, S. Fukatsu

837 New concept of drilling auger for displacement pile installation

A. Krasiński

988 Industrial warehouse retaining walls and pavements strengthening at Quinta do Adarse, Alverca, Portugal

T.M.L. Paludeto, M. Lopes, A. Pinto

Session A8

Theme A: Ground improvement; Reinforcement

Room: Arena 2

20 Evaluation of design methods for geosynthetic-reinforced pile-supported embankments based on case studies

M.Y. Abu-Farsakh, M. Izadifar

204 Renforcement par inclusions rigides : évaluation du transfert de charge au sein d’une plateforme granulaire renforcée ou non par des géosynthétiques

A.M. Alzate, B. Simon, C. Terqueux, L. Briançon, P. Villard

318 Numerical modelling of rigid inclusion reinforced road platform, under surface loading and mobile loading

T. Badinier, N. Ouechten, T. Dubreucq, L. Thorel

412 Mechanical features of stabilized soils with low cement content

M.A. Castaneda-Lopez, T. Lenoir, L. Thorel, J.-P. Sanfratello

56 Effect of microplastics on swelling behaviour of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs)

Y. Gao, R.K. Rowe, A. El-Zein

143 Settlement evaluation of reinforced embankment over a soft subgrade: numerical modelling with different soil models based on a full-scale study

B. Janevski, J. Br. Papić, A. Skejić, A. Turalić

209 Multidisciplinary design optimisation of vibro stone columns and dynamic replacement

B. Knabe, C. Tinat, M. Rosenberg

950 Concrete arches and reinforced soil: a sustainable alternative structure for road bridges

K. Malekmohammadi, A. Moncada, I.P. Damians

857 Analytical method to check the uplift of a jet-grouting plug

A.B. Martínez-Bacas

40 Terramesh: Solutions for great heights. Design and durability

L. Molano, D. García, D.C. Freitas, G.M. Torres, M. Jimenez

561 Mechanical behaviour of geosynthetic sheets used to reinforce load transfer mattresses in the case of embankments on soft soils reinforced by rigid inclusions

P. Villard

Session A9

Theme A: Piles

Room: 1.3

295 Soil-pile interaction mechanisms under compressive service load

J.C. Lourenço, J.A. Santos

123 PIV analysis of ground during horizontal pile loading by centrifuge tests

M. Odagiri, T. Takatoshi, Y. Asaka

567 A glimpse into the future of site supervision: data collection during pile installation at the Amaliahaven construction site

J. Putteman, P.S.F. Le Lan, C.J.F. van Marrewijk, T. Jottier, J.N. Bruens, A.A. Roubos, M. van der Pol

377 Bi-directional testing of bored piles in chalk

M. Roed, J.S. Steenfelt, O. Hededal

244 Monitoring pile construction impact near sheet pile quay walls: some remarks

P. Ruggeri, M. Senigagliesi, P. Alesiani, V.M.E. Fruzzetti

335 Field investigations of combined raft-pile foundation with adjustable interaction between the raft and the piles

O. Samorodov, S. Tabachnikov, O. Dytiuk, O. Krotov, Y. Vynnykov, Y. Kirichek, V. Shapoval

354 Evaluation full-scale mooring pile load test Rotterdam

J.J.M. Sluis, H.J. Lengkeek, A.A. Roubos

593 Combined pile-raft and raft foundation modelling and design for three distinct office buildings in Lisbon, Portugal

A. Sousa, A. Pinto, N. Silva

266 Behaviour of continuous flight auger piles in homometric and carbonated sands

F. Szymkiewicz, L. Makki, S. Fanelli, C. Minatchy, F. Guirado, J. Habert

265 Static load tests on energy piles: effects of thermal cycles

R. Vasilescu, F. Szymkiewicz, C. Minatchy, F. Guirado, V.T. Nguyen, A.M. Tang, J.M. Pereira

653 Load bearing mechanism of screw piles under compressive loading in clayey soil

P. Zahedi, D. Igoe

451 Examining the behavior of laterally loaded large-diameter monopiles using coupled FDM-DEM simulations

Z. Zhang, Z.-T. Zhang, X.-D. Zhang, W. Wang, G.-M. Yu, Z.-Q. Zhang

Session B5

Theme B: Landslides

Room: Arena 1

549 Overcoming geotechnical challenges to maximise re-use of an existing brownfield site for use as a rail test track

P. Anning, J.K. Thillainadarajah, A. Kushwaha

180 The Tonbridge to hastings undrained earthwork and modernisation programme and engineering research (THUMPER)

D. Butcher, S. Fielder, SHolt, T. Hunt

964 Slope stabilization at Régua-Ferrão section of the Douro railway line

C.M. Dinis, A.M. Pereira

326 Forensic investigation of quick clay landslide released by construction work at Asak, Norway

H. Heyerdahl, Å.M.W. Amdal, R. Frauenfelder, K. Sverdrup-Thygeson, A.O.K. Lysdahl

288 Slope failures risk acceptance in the construction of roads on the clayey mine spoil dump, Czech Republic

J. Jurko, N. Droniuc

8 Disintegration of natural granite residual soil and the geohazard implication

X.Y. Liu, Y. Miao, X.W. Zhang, G. Wang, H.D. Gao, H.D. Gao, H.D. Gao, H.D. Gao, H.D. Gao

1009 Geotechnical interventions to mitigate the geomorphological risk of the access road to Ribeira Quente parish - Azores archipelago

L. Moniz, P. Amaral, A.M. Malheiro, F. Marques, A. Santos

740 Stabilization of excavation slopes between km 0+000 and km 2+000 of the EN337, in the municipality of Vouzela

F. Paulino, E. Fernandes, A. Dinis

304 Landslide susceptibility map of the southern slope of the municipality of Odivelas using the AHP method

A.J. Roque, M.J. Coelho

705 Back analysis of flexible barrier response following an open hillslope landslide impact at Pa Mei, Hong Kong

E.K.L. Wong, J.W.C. Lau, J.-W. He, Z.-H. Zhou, S.L. Chan

945 Technical aspects and remediation work for hazardous landslides: Tskneti example, Georgia

T. Yildiz, D. Kuparadze, D. Pataridze

Session C7

Theme C: Slopes; Landslides

Room: 1.2

51 Evaluation of slope safety during pile driving in clay

Y. Attari, E. Sørlie, H.P. Jostad, G.R. Eiksund

241 Behaviour of stabilizing piles arranged with different layouts

L. Fantera, S. Lirer, A. Desideri, S. Rampello

394 Evaluation of unsaturated slope stability under rainfall infiltration based on experimental and numerical modeling

J. Josifovski, B. Susinov

138 Effect of flood duration on levee stability

E. Koch, R.P. Ray

216 Analysis and Simulation of a Rainfall-Induced Landslide on Enna Area (Italy)

V. Lentini, K. Pinargote, F. Castelli

261 The use of physically based methods to locate the in-site surveys in areas prone to rapid landslides

M.C. Mandaglio, N. Moraci, M. Ciurleo

842 Slope failure cause evaluation based on earthworks management and meteorological conditions analyses

T.Q. Nguyen, D.B. Van, M.V. Nguyen, N.A. Do, P. Osinski, E. Koda

63 Geotechnical pathologies of Spanish historical monuments adjacent to natural slopes; Case histories

F. Pardo de Santayana, J. González-Gallego, J.A. Díez

1052 Slope instability risk assessment along the Almada municipality coastline, Portugal

F. Paulino, E. Fernandes, A. Dinis, A. Aires, A. Godinho

953 Geotechnical structures stability: ULS calculations using the finite element method

D. Remaud, E. Bourgeois

684 Comparison of collapse loads obtained in 2D and 3D slope stability limit analysis

W.T. Sołowski, L.-A. Marchadour, L.A. Ikonen

331 Small- and full-scale test programme on uplift induced slope failure

C. Zwanenburg, A.R. Koelewijn, B.J. van der Kolk, U. Förster, M. Post, H.T.J. de Bruijn

Session D8

Theme D: Ground characterization

Room: 1.1

359 Physical, geometrical and chemical characterisation of incinerator bottom ash towards its use as recycled aggregate

F. Almeida, J.R. Carneiro, M.L. Lopes

192 Use of the brazilian test and frost sensitivity test for determining the aptitude for earthworks of difficult soils stabilized by special lime-based binder

L. Batali, G. Andrieş, C. Grégoire

748 In situ and laboratory investigation of dynamic performance of a cement-stabilised Chalk trial embankment

O. Boumendjel-Game, M. Vowles, M. Fleetwood, H. Saroglou, G. Katsigiannis

145 Compressibility transition between a marine onshore clay to artificial carbonate silt soil behaviour

A. Conrado-Palafox, T. Newson, A. Ahmed

328 Shear wave velocity and permeability evolution of MICP-treated carbonate bearing sand

G. Das, S. Joshi, M. Judge, F. McDermott, M. Long, S. Donohue

197 Giant shear box tests on recycled 6F5 for tracked plant platforms

S. Divall, M.C.R. Davies, S.E. Stallebrass, J. Mahony, S. Quintavalle, J. Bowen-Bravery, T. Johnson-Watts, R. Mulligan

199 Mechanical behavior of Ypresian plastic clays

S. Fanelli, L. Makki, E. Bourgeois, F. Szymkiewicz, P. Reiffsteck

876 Reconstitution of samples for the study of mechanical behaviour of sulphide-rich soils

N. Garcia, P. Gunnvard, Q. Jia, J. Laue

1061 Exploring the use of fine surplus silica sand in low CO2 emission earth construction

A. Iravanian, A. Wayu, H. Gustavsson, L. Korkiala-Tanttu

72 Degradation of expanded clay strength after creep tests

C.B. Laskowski, J. Estaire, E. Roces

144 Experimental study on strength and deformation properties of treated clay soils under triaxial and oedometric conditions

J. Milosevic, S. Zivaljevic, T. Santana

Session D9

Theme D: Foundations

Room: 1.4

346 Secant piles pit enclosure made with deep soil mixing columns and CFA piles

A. Boureanu, D. Ciumeică, A. Măgureanu, L. Sata

200 Discrete element modelling of centrifuge experiments on pile jacking

A. Ezzeddine, B. Cazacliu, P. Richard, R. Artoni, L. Thorel

865 Framework for evaluating scour risk and optimising scour mitigation

J. Irvine, I. Torres, M. Divilly

490 The foundations of the Rhine bridge Hard-Fussach (Austria)

F. Lopez, E. Steinlechner

661 Sand-rubber mixtures as vibration dampening foundation materials: scaled physical model studies

B.R. Madhusudhan

563 Development of a pioneering foundation system for a 225 000 m3 LNG storage tank in Canada by using driven closed-ended steel piles non-connected to the concrete slab (rigid inclusions)

J. Munoz-Castelblanco, N. Lafreme, Z. Gilbert, P. Moine, L. Boutillon

766 Stabilization of the access platform to an electrical substation: diagnosis, design and site works follow-up

G. Pisco, N. Nogueira, S. Pinto, A. Carvalheira

674 Deep foundation system of the Promenada Mall extension in Bucharest, Romania

C. Radu, C. Năstase, T. Matei, P. Danilov, I. Buzilă, M. Popa, O. Chițu, R. Geanguș

74 Performance of segmental driven geothermal energy piles subjected to impact and bending loads

H. Sadeghi, R.M. Singh

237 Highrise building NION with a combined pile-barrette-raft foundation

M. Seip, S. Fischer, R. Katzenbach

751 Setup and calibration of piles with FBG strain sensors in a geotechnical centrifuge

C. Tang, A.M. Marshall, C.M. Heron, A. Franza, J. Xu

Session E8

Theme E: Ground improvement; Offshore structures

Room: Tejo

419 Machine learning to expedite concept monopile design

J.S. Alexander, R.M. Buckley, S.A. Whyte

43 Physical models of mechanical root-soil interaction

A. Boiero, M. Arroyo, E. Romero

22 Site selection and early-stage design of trenchless submarine cable landings

L.J. Burley, V.A. Terente, H.K. Waterston, H.J.B. Bryan, D. Hinxman

785 Soil treatment solutions for the construction of steel storage tanks: design and behaviour

E. Carvajal Diaz, P. Barros, P. Matos

920 Improving mechanical performance of soil-bentonite by slag cement addition

J. Chen, Y. Masaki, A. Takai, T. Kato, T. Katsumi

303 Effects of stabilization on the behaviour of finnish sensitive soils

M. Di Sante, G. Di Luigi, I. Bellezza, F. Mazzieri, E. Fratalocchi, B. Di Buò, T. Länsivaara

992 Enhancement of soil mechanical properties with biopolymers

N. Fradj, I. Kádár, K. Kopecskó, A. Németh

990 Jet grouting experience in river borne materials (RBM)

A.C. Joshi, Ar Arvind, V.A. Sawant

694 Effects of AM fungi on root biomechanical properties

T. Sakolpanya, V. Kamchoom, X.W. Chen, A.K. Leung

137 A bibliometric analysis on geotechnical research trends in floating offshore wind energy

A.D. Tasbasi, Y.C. Ceylan, N. Huvaj, A. Osman

415 Numerical investigation on induced liquefaction during monopile installation by vibratory driving in a 1G scale test

T. Wehbe, G. Anoyatis, H. Rattez, S. François

Session E9

Theme E: Geothermics

Room: Fundex Arena

678 Influence of spatial variability of ground conditions on energy pile thermal yield

Q.I. Alqawasmeh, G.A. Narsilio, M.J. Kreitmair

1062 Thermal soil properties as a basis for design of underground high voltage cables

K. Hendler, C. Meier, S. Kleiber, J. Stegner, C. Drefke, C. Boley

644 The potential use of shallow geothermal systems to urban acclimatization – how to evaluate and how to implement?

M. Inácio, C. Pinto, A. Vieira, I. Moitinho de Almeida

285 Thermal activation of sewers and embedding in a heating-cooling network

T. Kugler, Ch. Moormann

236 3D Thermo-mechanical analysis of a real-world thermally activated piled foundation

A. Lupattelli, D. Salciarini

519 Influence of different seasonal snow cover on thermal regime of the ground

Z. Motamedi, H. Mattsson, J. Laue, S. Knutsson, J. Casselgren

310 COOP Project: Energy piles under combined loading

H. Mroueh, T. Badinier, M. Blanc, T. Dubreucq, J. de Sauvage, F. Szymkiewicz, J.-M. Pereira, A.-M. Tang, R. Vasilescu

323 A model-scale test setup development to monitor temperature and moisture content variations around energy piles

S. Polat, U.C. Erginag, M. Guner, O. Cinicioglu, Su Sutman

315 Numerical evaluation of the long-term performance of energy piles in hot-dominated climates

S. ten Bosch, E. Ravera, L. Laloui

620 Integration of ground energy systems for low-carbon heating and cooling of buildings

S.D. Thomas, A. Vieira, C. Pinto, J. Lapa

716 The potential of energy micropiles as energy geostructures

M.F. Yozy Kepdib, J.A. Facciorusso, C. Madiai, R.M. Singh

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P9

651 The description of underground works evolution in Hospital Santo António station (Porto Metro)

A. Pereira, T. Azeredo, A. Carvalheira, I. Coelho

972 Special foundations at the cycle-pedestrian bridge over the Trancão river, Portugal

A. Pinto, A. Rodrigues A. Rodrigues, P. Santos, C. Caxias

904 Ground improvement and special foundations at North Lisbon Logistic Platform, plot 1, Portugal

A. Pinto, M. Lopes, P. Marques, A.L. Gonçalves, A. Perez, J. Moreno, J. Moreno

345 Circular diaphragm wall for a deep shaft

C. Radu, D. Ciumeică, A. Boureanu, L. Sata

985 Analysis and re-sloping for slope stabilization in São José neighbourhood, João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil - case study

A.V.F.S. Ramos, G.K.S. Simões, F.L. Soares

508 Rough pile stereolithography for centrifuge modelling

G. Sabaliauskaite, S. Divall, A.M. McNamara, S.E. Stallebrass, R.N. Taylor

1036 Pressure cell results for a ballasted railway track section tested in the CEDEX Track Box

M. Santana, S. Merino, J. Estaire

960 Foundation piles and submerged wall of berths 6, 7 and 8 at the Port of Maputo

J. Santos, L. Tomás

349 The threaded displacement piling system technical and economical efficiency leading to sustainable foundations solutions

L. Sata, S. Manea

986 Excavation, earth retaining solutions and facades underpinning of a historic building in Estoril, Portugal

J. Silva, C. Martins, A. Pinto

Session A10

Theme A: Modelling; Education

Room: 1.2

386 Automating stability analysis using BIM-FEA-Integration

J. Beck, H. Jürgens, S. Henke

274 Definition and analysis of ground surface vibration curves induced by railway traffic

A. Colaço, R. Gomes, E. Fortunato

941 Limit equilibrium solution for lateral pile capacity in cohesive soil

T. Gans-Or, S. Pinkert

881 Evaluation train induced ground vibration boom with Vibtrain

A. Håård, J.A.T. Johansson, K. Viking, S. Larsson

233 Use of BIM methodology in Geotechnical Projects – Construction of underground reservoirs

A. Henriques, N. Silva, M. Lopes

252 A closed-form equation for the failure locus of pile groups subjected to generalized loading conditions

M. Iovino, C. Iodice, R. Di Laora, LSanctis, A. Mandolini

637 Key concepts in soil mechanics: simple hands-on and team-based strategies to promote active learning

J. Macedo, M. Pinho-Lopes

383 Alert soil mechanics instructors of the main unsaturated soil issues: what and how to teach when experts disagree

M. Pantazidou, S. Houston, J. McCartney, A. Tarantino, M. Bardanis

367 From EN 1998-5:2004 to prEN 1998-5:2023: Has the calculation of earth pressures improved or deteriorated?

L. Pantelidis

142 Application of the new brazilian pavement design method (MeDiNa) in the design of flexible pavement structures using fine-grained tropical soils

M.A.S. Sousa, R.Q. Coutinho, L.M.G. Motta, C.D. Castro

254 Digital geotechnical information management in a life cycle perspective

M. Svensson, O. Friberg

Session B6

Theme B: Earthquakes; Rockfall

Room: Fundex Arena

424 Concept for sustainable lab and in-situ research on earthquake induced geohazards

J. Bojadjieva, V. Sheshov, K. Edip, T. Kitanovski, D. Ivanovski, I. Gjorgjeska, A. Bogdanovic

966 A simplified procedure for FE analysis of an earth dam under seismic loading

A. Choudhury, P. Ghosh, S.K. Mishra

124 Nonlinear finite element analyses of earthquake effects in slopes

A. Eikebrokk, A.M. Kaynia

37 A design procedure for high energy rockfall barriers

D. García, L. Molano, G. Torres, D. Freitas

1016 Numerical and experimental evidence of the impact of soil nonlinearity on the response of an SSI system

M. Koronides, S. Kontoe, L. Zdravković, D.M. Potts, A. Vratsikidis, D. Pitilakis, A. Anastasiadis

464 Analysis of rock slope failures. Case studies on Romanian mountain roads

A. Nagy, C. Bruchental, D.M. Paşca, V.-S. Fărcaş, D.-V. Moldovan, L.-E. Moldovan

668 Geotechnical seismic site characterization of deep alluvial sand sites in the South Iceland Lowland

E.A. Olafsdottir, S. Erlingsson, B. Bessason

248 Rockburst conditions prediction based on a decision tree algorithm

D. Owusu-Ansah, J. Tinoco, J. Matos, F. Lohrasb

642 ReSist - A municipal policy to increase awareness on seismic risk

C. Pinto, M.A. Ferreira, C. Almeida, M. Inácio, P. Pacheco, C. Pousada, C.S. Ferreira, A. Ferreira

95 A new, durable micropile for the foundation of rockfall protection structures

M.J. Rebhan, H.-P. Daxer, R. Marte, M. Schuch, S.L. Burtscher

92 Towards improved earthquake preparedness: Site effects considering multiple seismic zones

A.M. Zapata-Franco, Y.F. Vargas-Alzate, J. Vaunat, A. Di Mariano

Session C8

Theme C: Earthquakes; Floods; Roads

Room: 1.4

502 FEM parametric analyses of the seismic behaviour of tunnel-soil-overstructure systems

G. Abate, M.R. Massimino

42 A novel framework to evaluate the influence of seismic performance of geotechnical systems on the resilience of road networks

C. Amendola, R. Conti, P. Zimmaro, M. Marinelli, L. Pariota, L. Di Costanzo, F. de Silva

692 Insights from the implementation of levelAMS, a geotechnical asset management software, on Brisa’s network

J. Barros, M. Pinheiro, M. Cruz, I. Gonzalez, T. Miranda

61 Analysis of subsidence problems on a highway section in Valencia (Spain) with the help of satellite radar interferometry

A. Fernández Eusebio, J. Moreno Robles, F. Pardo de Santayana, D. Mora Cejudo, A. Parrilla Alcaide, D. Carrasco Díaz, A. Mendizabal, J. Duro, D. Monells, R. Iglesias

62 Characterization of a highway reinforced earth wall pathology with the help of a terrestrial laser scanner model, analyses of the causes and proposal of remediation measures

A. Fernández Eusebio, J. Moreno Robles, F. Pardo de Santayana, D. Mora Cejudo, A. Parrilla Alcaide

524 Seismic response of the Kathmandu basin from 3D physics-based numerical simulations

V.M. Hernández-Aguirre, R. Rupakhety

643 Flash floods in Lisbon – Local scale mitigation and adaptation measures

M. Inácio, C. Pinto, C. Almeida, P. Leonardo, M. Morais

742 Climate change impacts on safety of levees: A Review

J.K. Janga, K.R. Reddy, J. Schulenberg

148 3-D geotechnical modelling contributing to the risk management in a road construction project - a case study

R. Kudou-Wada, K. Takahashi, C. Konishi, R. Ito, K. Sakurai

768 Rehabilitation of overpass at Ch 19,978 of Fier-Vlora high-way; Influence of time of consolidation in the performance of the overpass structure

E. Paçi, N. Shkodrani, A. Dervishaj

229 Assessment of seismic ground amplification at the Chieti courthouse site

N. Salvatore, A. Pagliaroli, F. Di Buccio, A. Pizzi, S. Amoroso

420 Optimal pavement design using the failure probability

R. Varga, P. Jelušič, T. Bračko, B. Macuh, B. Žlender

Session C9

Theme C: Tunnelling; Excavations

Room: Arena 1

984 Extension of the Lisbon subway between Santos station and the Terminal of the Cais do Sodré station - assessment of excavation induced damage in buildings

F. Bernardo, S. Ferreira, R. Pistone, R. Pina, A. Tavares

931 Pile response to the effect of basement construction in soft clay

T. Boonyarak, A.Y. Aung, Z.Z. Aye

247 A method for the prediction of greenfield 3D settlement troughs around deep excavations

M. De Luca, G. Russo, M.V. Nicotera, I. Esposito

455 Development of database of monitoring results for retaining walls of deep excavations

A. Ene, I. Ciocaniu, D. Marcu, H. Popa

553 Comparison of floating and end-bearing pile wall barriers for tunnelling in layered soil

A. Franza

1026 Numerical investigation of the interaction between existing tunnels and driven pile installation

L. Hai, P. Yensri, A. Faramarzi, N. Metje

276 Control of technological processes during underground construction in the historical centre of megacities in weak soils using interactive geotechnical monitoring

R.A. Mangushev, A.I. Osokin, I.P. Diakonov

695 Geotechnical conditions of “Debelo brdo” tunnel construction on the highway E-80: Nis-Merdare-Pristina (“Peace Highway”)

D. Rakic, I.B. Ikodinovic, R. Lapcevic, D. Lukic

771 Automated monitoring for effective implementation of observational method in an urban excavation in Lisbon, Portugal

A. Silva, C. Levesque, C. Martins, R. Tomásio

103 Surface roughness evolution of EPDM and its impact on the long-term sealant performance of gasketed joints of segmental shield tunnels

J.C. Xie, X. Huang

764 Prediction of the displacement field induced by the excavation of very shallow and large tunnels: a case study

W. Yang, D. Boldini, D. Zhang

998 Evaluation of the induced axial force behaviour for bored tunnel construction adjacent to existing long piles

P. Yensri, A. Faramarzi, N. Metje

Session D10

Theme D: Excavations; Tunnelling; Monitoring

Room: 1.3

99 Design and execution of retaining-walls using the reinforced jet-grouting technique

J.L. Arcos, X. Beal, R. Gil, J.M. Dimas, M. Segovia

948 Earth retaining solutions and facades underpinning, for the refurbishment an historic building, in Lisbon

I. Braz, A. Pinto, D. Henriques, R. Santos

829 Fiber optic sensors in geotechnical works - a review

P. Caldas, M.L. Laranjo

729 Site tests on retaining systems and uplift anchors of Nordhavnstunnel in Denmark

B. Demir, C. Bauduin, M. Palaiologou, J.D. Christensen, S. Yding, S.K. Tomac

1003 Muck identification and anomaly detection in earth pressure balance shield based on multi-task deep learning

L. Fu, D.M. Zhang, H.W. Huang, A.G. Cohn, Z.Q. Liu

770 Deep excavation solutions for the construction of a logistic park in Loures (Lisbon)

A. Henriques, R. Tomásio, F. Ramalho, J. Dias

53 Solution of excavation and peripheral earth retaining walls near sensitive structures – O’Living Development, Lisbon

R. Justiniano, A. Pinto

478 Precision measurements constrain the implementation of more accurate testing in earthworks quality assurance

B.G. Look

287 Effects of sheet pile driving on soil density within soil exchange drillings

U. Matthiesen, M. Pohl

882 Finite element analyses of slurry trench stability and de-formations – back-calculation of field tests in soft clay

E. Nilsen, K. Karlsrud, E.J. Lande

243 Deep excavation solutions in an urban environment - Distrikt residential project, Lisbon

J. Silva, I. Braz, A. Pinto

Session D11

Theme D: Ground improvement

Room: 1.1

855 Improvement of local soils by adding marble powder

O. Aiche, A. Medjnoun, R. Bahar, M. Khiatine

507 Biocementation treatment of a Portuguese motorway slope to prevent ravine formation

R.Cardoso, M. Oliveira, M. Cruz, I. Gonzalez, A.T. Rodrigues, B. Anjos, L. Sapin, A. Esnault-Fillet

522 The influence of partial saturation on the engineering properties of a metakaolin-improved sand

A. Fraccica, E. Romero, M. Arroyo, G. Spagnoli

1006 Innovative and sustainable geosynthetic solutions in the field of bridge abutment construction

H.Hangen, O. Detert

1001 Use of CO2-induced siderite and dolomite with nanoclay for soil improvement

H.A. Keykha, M. Mavroulidou, H. Mohamadzadeh Romiani

687 Comparison of the effects of different additives on the improvement of physical and mechanical properties of clayey soil

N. Marinković, E. Zlatanović, Z. Bonić, N. Romić, D. Cvetković, B. Stanković

1002 Soil biocementation using the carbonic anhydrase metabolic pathway

W. Mwandira, M. Mavroulidou, M.J. Gunn, D. Purchase

432 Influence of curing under stress on the geotechnical behavior of a treated silty soil

L. Pigeot, L. Pigeot, N. Dufour, A. Soive, H. Calissano, L. Batilliot, F. Dermenonville, A. Loukili

917 Prediction model for strength of cement-stabilized clays for in-situ soil mixing using artificial neural network

M. Swamynaidu, A. Tyagi

447 Research on the formation mechanism and application of curtain for ground drilling grouting in water-rich sand layer

X.S. Wang, Z.S. Yao, C.X. Rong, X.J. Wang, B. Tang

Session E10

Theme E: Ground characterization

Room: Arena 2

426 Effect of the concentration of the activator on the mechanical properties of the geopolymer stabilized soil

D. Chami, A. Cuccurullo, P. Gerard

673 Application of a new real-time analysis of the size distribution of rock fragments

J. Ortuta, V. Greif

874 Laboratory testing and numerical modelling of seepage in building materials

M. Pap, A. Mahler, Zs. Illés, S.G. Nehme

911 Hydraulic properties of general-shape monodisperse granular materials: an insight from pore-network perspective

J. Qi, W. Fei, G. Narsilio

989 New electric powered drill rig to meet sustainable geotechnique

M. Rispal, C. Jacquard, G. de Oliveira Souza, P. Reiffsteck

474 Effect of rainwater infiltration from pavement surface on base course bearing capacity

K. Sato, T. Fujikawa, C. Koga, Y. Isobe

147 Residues’ physical identification for soil-waste materials

A. Studart, A. Albuquerque, V. Cavaleiro, L. Andrade Pais, M.E.G. Boscov, I. Strozberg

1050 One dimensional static and dynamic compression behaviour of foam glass aggregate

J. Szendefy, W.S. Mustafa

914 Strength, microstructural, and leaching characteristics of phosphogypsum-fly ash mixtures

Y. Thakur, A. Tyagi, S. Sarkar

616 A study of soil contamination by residues of single-use face masks

V.A. Thomassen, R.M. Singh, R. Cardoso

257 Critical state behaviour of anthropogenic clay in a direct simple shear test

N.S. Walrave, C. Zwanenburg, I.E. van Gelder

607 Effect of saturation conditions on thermal properties of sands

Z. Zhou, A. Diambra, T. Liu

Session E11

Theme E: Carbon management

Room: Tejo

658 Concrete piles with lowest carbon emissions and optimised environmental impact

K.A. Abushama, W. Hawkins, L. Pelecanos, T. Ibell

753 Design and construction carbon reductions for HS2 Station Road Network Rail Overbridge with polymer geogrid reinforced soil wall abutments and wingwalls on shallow foundations

C. Doulala-Rigby, M. Dalwadi, J. Belton, M. Duffy-Turner, R. Blackmore, G. Katsigiannis, H.M.B. Al-Hashemi

325 Technical solutions for reducing CO2 footprint in MSE wall constructions

A. Grandclerc, T. Joussellin

933 Study on carbon-neutral ground improvement using recycled concrete fines

T. Kono, S. Nishiie, M. Sugimoto

551 A novel mechanical energy storage solution using underground CO2 hydrate capsules

O. Lev Yehudi, A. Franza, N. von Solms, A. Klar

672 Geomechanical evaluation of analogs of reservoirs for geological storage of CO2

D. Manzanal, C.B. Laskowski, M. Cortés, P. Vidal, C.B. Laskowski, M. Cortés, P. Vidal, J. Allard

31 Impact of transport distance in life cycle assessments of geosynthetic reinforced soil walls

A. Moncada, S. Olivella, I.P. Damians, R.J. Bathurst

84 Carbon management in geotechnical engineering solutions

O.J. Perttu, S.H. Vicente, M.S. Löfman, T. Dettenborn, J. Forsman, T. Teittinen

339 Sustainability assessment of a geotechnical site investigation in holocene deposits: a case study from northern Germany

W.T. Pfeiffer, U. Matthiesen, M. Pohl

305 Environmental life cycle assessment of ground reinforcement using rigid inclusions

M. Saadé, E. Antoinet

438 The environmental advantage of bi-directional pile testing related to traditional top-down testing

A. Silva, M. England, M. Profittlich

Gala Dinner

Thusday, 29th August

Plenary Session - Theme E: State-of-the-art Lectures

Room: Fundex Arena

10 years of carbon calculator use: what have we learned for the future?

A. Ottaviani, D. de Melo, L. Bruni, R. Gupta, C. Nelsen

Sustainability report of the European large geotechnical institutes platform

A. Marin, T.L. Christiansen, T.R. Smaavik, C. Carlsson, Y. Rogbeck, B. Žlender, T. Bračko, A. Insana, J. Machacek

Plenary Session - Theme F: State-of-the-art Lectures

Room: Fundex Arena

The Cube system - a new diaphragm wall technique for future cities

F.-W. Gerressen

Thermal behaviour of soils: studies and applications in current energetic and climatic contexts

A. Vieira

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P10

161 Behavior of geocell reinforced sandy soils under static load

M.C. Simsek, N. Huvaj

332 De-construction as part of life cycle management

A. Tuomela, J. Majava, T. Luukkonen, P. Leviäkangas

176 The geotechnical works for the construction of the Travis Brow link road, Stockport, UK

A. Willoner, L. Allievi

79 A review of DFOS sensors installation methods for curved surfaces in tunnels

S.Q. Zhang, Z.L. Li, K. Zhang

680 Are construction errors in the placement of ground heat exchanging loops in energy piles important to consider?

Q.I. Alqawasmeh, G.A. Narsilio, N. Makasis

165 Utilisation of geological surplus masses in landfill cover: percolation results from pilot test

E.W. Ånes, S. Ritter, T. Pabst, A.C. Stridal, N.G. Nilsen, K. Hovland, G. Okkenhaug

114 Effect of saline water on the strength behavior of beach sand from northeastern Brazil coastline

G.F. Azevedo, A.S. Moura, F.C.S. Filho, R.F. Leme, D.R.L. Gonçalves, R.P. Cunha

649 Back-analysis of a small-scale (1g) energy pile test using the finite element method

P.J. Bourne-Webb, T.M. Bodas Freitas, D. Abrantes

499 Different jacket foundation installation methods for three offshore substations

A. Cardoso, J. Leplat, N. Van Damme, S. Raymackers

1014 Waste valorisation in landfill barriers: opportunities and challenges

F. Chihi, G. Varga

Plenary Session - Theme D: Keynote Lecture

Room: Fundex Arena

How AI and IoT are transforming geotechnical site monitoring and construction

A. Gomes Correia, E. Gastine

Lunch; Exhibition

Coffee break; Exhibition; Poster Session P11

762 Class A predictions for centrifuge modelling of uplift induced instabilities of river embankments

E. Dodaro, G. Gottardi, M. Pirone, C. Mancuso, R. Ventini, D. Giretti, C.G. Gragnano, V. Fioravante, F. Zarattini, F. Gabrieli

824 Experimental study on the elasticity modulus of RCA-RTW mixtures

K. Gabryś, W. Sas

601 The use of LCA in a slope stability study for a quay rehabilitation assessment

E. Hafstad, G. Waldheim, A.B. Lundberg, S. Larsson

581 Validation of the applicability of the PS logger borehole probe for diverse geotechnical scenarios

R.M. Hen-Jones, P. Worthington, G. Comber, S. Garantini, P.J. Vardanega

537 Adaptation of a constitutive model for sand to account for non-plastic fines

D. Konstantinidis, C.M. Martin, H.J. Burd

493 The contribution of ductile cast-iron piles to a more sustainable deep foundations industry

F. Lopez, E. Steinlechner

358 Bervie Braes at 10 years: critical review of the effectiveness of slope stabilisation measures

S.B. Mickovski

89 Ballast degradation under different cycles and rotational speeds in micro-Deval equipment

N.S. Montero-Cubillo, J. Estaire, E. Marull

660 Database of measured shear wave velocity profiles for Icelandic soil sites

E.A. Olafsdottir, S. Erlingsson, B. Bessason

516 Recycled red mud as an useful geotechnical material

P. Pavšič, M. Đurić, M. Košir, A. Mauko Pranjić, A. Mladenovič, P. Oprčkal, S. Seršen, V. Zalar Serjun

Plenary Session - Theme F: Keynote Lecture

Room: Fundex Arena

3D planning in the Lisbon of the future: requirement or necessity?

C. Pinto

Plenary Session - Heritage Time Capsule Project Lectures

Room: Fundex Arena

HTC - Creating and discovering the ISSMGE Heritage Time Capsule

S. Pathmanandavel, E. Bilotta, C.J. MacRobert, C. Chung

The Heritage Time Capsule project and the Portuguese geotechnical history

J. Mateus de Brito

Poster Session P12

465 A 4D investigation of model pile installation

T. Riccio, M.O. Ciantia, M. Previtali, M.J. Brown, L. Csetenyi

594 Thermal characterization of Aveiro soil for multiscale building energy simulation using shallow geothermal system

R.B. Roka, A. Vieira, A. Figueiredo, C. Cardoso

509 Centrifuge modelling of hollow heated piles in saturated sand

G. Sabaliauskaite, S.E. Stallebrass, A.M. McNamara, R.N. Taylor, S. Divall, J.P. Panchal

23 Review on carbon footprint in deep foundations : Case study for helical piles in Brasília, DF

B. Sandoval, R.P. Cunha

754 Evaluation of frost heaving in frozen foundation layers due to the transfer of water in a gaseous statе

A. Sarsembayeva, Ph.E.F. Collins, S. Mussakhanova

115 Compression characteristics of compacted sand-bentonite mixtures with and without saturation

S. Sato, T. Nishimura, K. Nakai

387 Pisão dam; Multi-purpose hydraulic scheme of Crato – Portugal; Issues involving the natural materials availability

G. Tavares, S. Oliveira, H. Lopes, J. Camões Lourenço, N. Rodrigues

618 Flood and drought mitigation using stormwater attenuation and enhanced infiltration systems

S.D. Thomas, G.R. French, J.A. O’Meara, M.P. Dale, B. Casal

662 Finite element modelling of wave loading on a multi-layered gassy soil seabed using complex number theory

S.D. Thomas

698 Experimental study on the hydraulic behaviour of compacted soil mixtures in river embankments

R. Ventini, M. Pirone, C. Mancuso

871 Parametric study of stability in landfills due to changes in waste composition

H. Vučenović, K. Herceg, D. Domitrović, Ž. Veinović

Plenary Session - Conference Forum Lectures

Challenges of Underground Space in the Cities of the Future

Room: Fundex Arena

Geotechnical construction beyond the technical challenges: the future is now

S. Borel

Underground space: opportunity or a non sense option?

P. Reis Silva

Underground and beyond: The road to resilience

A.N.P. Lamas

Unearthing the urban future: the evolving role of tunnel and underground structures in modern cities

A. Cornaro

Closing Ceremony

Room: Fundex Arena

Friday, 30th August

Technical visits