Why Lisbon

Lisbon is a friendly and cosmopolitan city by tradition. Spread across seven hills overlooking the majestic Tagus River, Lisbon is a key business centre and a historical capital of unusual character and charm. Its ever growing offer of world class venues, hotels and other attractive features make it a popular choice for major international events.

Lisbon is a multicultural city modelled by 1000 years of cultural influences and its rich maritime past, which mingle with modern trends and life style creating intricate and spectacular contrasts. Thanks to its close proximity to Cascais, the world heritage of Sintra and the Arrábida amazing nature, Lisbon is also a “Resort City”.

In 2015 the city received the prime European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) label and in 2017 it was selected by the prestigious design magazine Wallpaper as the best city in the world. Moreover, Lisbon is blessed with a mild, sunny climate and offers world-class gastronomy choices.

It will be a great pleasure and honour to welcoming you to this charming city in 2024.

LISBON is synonymous with history and the Portuguese maritime discoveries. It was from this historic city that the great adventurers set sail in their fragile caravels, on a mission to discover the world. The Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, are Manueline-style monuments, whose imposing architectural wealth transport us back to the days of the Portuguese Empire. Today, Lisbon is a diverse multicultural centre, full of life and visitors.


Lyesse Laloui

Vice-President of the ISSMGE for Europe 2022-2026

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President of the ISSMGE 2022-2026

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Vice-President of the ISSMGE for Europe 2017-2021

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President of LNEC, Lisbon

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