Technical Exhibition & Visits


The Conference Centre will provide a functional and pleasant setting for the Technical Exhibition.

Lunch and refreshments will be served close to the exhibition site to ensure that delegates have plenty of time to visit the exhibitors.

More information on Partner and Exhibition opportunities will be available soon.


Technical visits will be arranged to give the delegates the opportunity to visit a wide variety of major engineering works, namely: dams, bridges, tunnels and deep excavations


Lyesse Laloui

Vice-President of the ISSMGE for Europe 2022-2026

To be elected

President of the ISSMGE 2022-2026

Mario Manassero 

Vice-President of the ISSMGE for Europe 2017-2021

Charles Ng​

Past-President of the ISSMGE 2013-2017

Neil Taylor

Secretary General of the ISSMGE

Haraldur Sigursteinsson

Chair of the XVII Conference Organising Committee

Eduardo Fortunato

Member of the Conference Organising Committee

Laura Caldeira

President of LNEC, Lisbon